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Customer Experience

A New Perspective on Customer Experience: Snap Your Digital Selfie [Webinar and Ebook]

Digital Selfie Series

They’re in your Facebook feed, your Instagram and Twitter streams—and let’s be honest—you’ve probably snapped a few yourself.

Remember That Time A Live Chat Agent Made Your Day?

If you’re like me and turn to live chat whenever you need to connect with your favorite brand, chances are you’ve come across a really awesome chat agent or two during your online shopping adventures. I know I have!

Twitter and Live Chat Make the Perfect Marriage

As LivePerson’s social media manager, I do a lot of social listening on behalf of the company. What am I listening for? People talking about our brand or the industry at large; consumers sharing their experiences using live chat; innovations and thought leadership in customer engagement, just to name a few of the areas I tend to tap in to. Social listening is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of how people view your brand and what’s coming up on the horizon that could impact your business. But how can brands truly maximize their listening efforts?

Meaningful Connections Through Customer Service

At LivePerson’s core, our mission is to create meaningful connections.

5 Ways to Alienate (and Lose) Your "Digital-First" Shoppers

Hi, I’m Erin—a “digital first” consumer. In my day to day, whatever I do, my reflex is digital, first. I click to read, click to explore, and click to buy.

Delight Your Platinum Customers When it Matters Most

As consumers we know that when we’re making an online purchase, we want the experience to be intuitive, easy, and quick. We want to be able to research and buy seamlessly… but there are a few critical circumstances where access to a support agent is necessary, and we want that support to be relevant, and in real-time.

While great self-service tools on your website may work most of the time, there are certain moments when your customers need digital support from a live person. According to LivePerson research, an overwhelming “88% say having live chat makes the digital experience better.”

Yet, many businesses still don’t have the live, human resources to deliver personalized chat to every customer. This is where the ability to intelligently (and proactively) prioritize certain customers in certain scenarios helps businesses align resources. We call it the high-impact scenarios. In the words of my colleague, Alon Waks, high impact customers have the “highest intent to purchase, are the most valuable and provide the most impact to your bottom line.”

5 Reasons Why Your Consumers Just Aren’t That Into You

Some might say that charming a consumer online is a lot like dating. Before deciding to spend money or time, customers look for defining brand qualities that will result in a long, mutually beneficial relationship. But, some brands are missing key points of interaction, and are consequently letting competitors step in and steal consumer hearts.

Today’s consumer is in charge of the buying journey, and they have more choices and higher expectations than ever before. Thanks to digital, the customer / brand relationship has evolved into something more—something more engaging, personal, and enjoyable.

What’s Next for the Future of Mobile Engagement? iBeacon and Beyond.

To date, many geolocation technologies have not lived up to consumer expectations. And worse, when not used correctly, it can feel pretty creepy. Before Apple’s iBeacon entered the digital tech scene, geolocation was not quite so sophisticated.

There have been many attempts by brands, some more successful than others, to leverage location-based technologies to drive foot-traffic, influence purchases and promote awareness.  Mobile apps like Foursquare, Google Latitude, or Gowalla came on the scene, merging the “offline” and online worlds via “check-ins.”

The Internet of Customers: Google’s Nest Purchase Fuels the Revolution

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we solve problems, communicate and ultimately, collect data. A popular example from last year was the FitBit.


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