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Customer Experience

Driving Digital Adoption = Happier Customers at Lower Cost

Empowered, disappointed, yet savvy and with spending power of almost $200 billion a year, Generation Y (roughly 72 million people born after 1980) i

The Future of Digital Engagement: 10 Thought Leaders Share Predictions for 2014 [Series]

Digital engagement is transforming customer service and elevating the expectations of online and cross-channel shoppers.

eCommerce Leader Pushes Boundaries with High-Touch Engagement

Here on the Connected Customer blog we talk a lot about the importance of providing your customers with truly excellent customer service through real-time human assistance, personalization and multi-channel strategies. It’s always exciting when we see online and offline retailers invest in new ways that push customer service boundaries even higher. For example, today we were really excited to see news about Amazon’s new feature in their latest Kindle Fire: the Mayday Button. Even more interesting is that it seems that more and more top digital brands like Amazon are looking to differentiate their brand through innovative, meaningful service, not just exceptional product. “Mayday” is actually being featured in headlines everywhere!

Connecting with Customers in a Competitive Marketplace: Spotlight on Australia

The declining performance of department stores and the growth in eCommerce have seen retailers realise exactly how critical customer engagement across multiple channels really is. With 32% of Australian consumers now spending as much online, as they do in store – according to the Connecting with Customers Report commissioned by LivePerson – retailers are starting to realise just how important a multi-channel customer strategy is to survival.

Confessions from a (Deflated) Shopper

Today I had a mission. 

It was my first time clothes shopping in one year and after seven months of wearing maternity outfits, I was finally ready to go out and buy some new post-pregnancy clothes.   Sadly, the day did not go quite as I had hoped.

How Do You Prefer To Connect with Your Bank? [VIDEO]

According to a report from Juniper Research, 590 million global mobile phone owners will use their device for banking purposes. In 2017, that number will exceed 1 billion.  In fact, “about one-third (32%) of U.S. adults, or 35% of cellphone owners, now bank using their mobile phones … and 51% of U.S. adults, or 61% of internet users, bank online,” (Pew Survey).

Are You Really Listening to Your Customers?

Consumers are constantly providing feedback about their experience with your brand.  The feedback may be indirect, such as sharing their experience with a friend, or through any of the many social channels.  Alternatively, consumers may o

What Do Shoppers Want From Their Favorite Retailers? [VIDEO]

Today’s consumer is savvier and more demanding than ever. They use multiple channels throughout their buying journey, whether in-store or digital , to research, compare products, engage a brand, and make a purchase.

How to Close the Gap Between the In-Store and Online Customer Experience

Shopping isn’t necessarily just about the end product, nor is it solely focused on a single need; it’s about the entire customer journey. For some, this means strolling down the aisles of a favorite shop or boutique.


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