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Monday, February 8, 2016 - 10:14

Today we’re all about the customer experience — aka, CX. We want to buy from brands we believe in. Whether it’s online or in person, we want a meaningful brand promise and connection. We want the experience to match our ideal perception of the brand to vindicate a purchase and extend brand loyalty.

As professionals charged with delivering on brand promise and experience, we feel more pressure than ever to meet and exceed consumer expectations.

In our dynamic industry — one that’s constantly evolved by technologies and processes — you’ve got to stay informed and motivated. So, we asked our team which bloggers keep them inspired and in the know on all things CX. Below, I’ve listed our team’s top 10 favorite resources ranked by number of followers.

Who to follow for advanced CX wisdom.

It was extremely hard to narrow down the list, but below are our team’s favorite industry analysts and writers on CX and digital know-how ranked in order of most to least followers.

1. Brian Solis (@briansolis) is a principal analyst at Altimeter Group, author of a few best-sellers, and a leading resource for technology’s impact on business and society. As a thought leader on digital transformation and innovation, Solis humanizes the effects of technology and discusses the future of CX.

2. Charlene Li (@charleneli) is also a principal analyst at Altimeter Group. She’s an expert in leadership, digital strategy, employee engagement and advocacy, and creating cultures of growth and innovation. On Twitter, she shares resources on digital trends as well as her own experiences with digital technology.

3. R "Ray" Wang  (@rwang0) shares his CX point of view on digital transformation and its impact on brands. He is the founder, chairman, and principal analyst of Constellation Research Inc. as well as author of the blog A Software Insider’s Point of View.

4. Shep Hyken (@Hyken) is a customer service expert, author, and professional speaker helping brands build loyal relationships with consumers and employees. His blog is a great resource for tips and tricks to improve customer service and also compiles weekly list of top articles on the subject.

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5. Brendan Witcher (@BrendanWitcher) has a wealth of knowledge on digital disruption. He is a principal analyst at Forrester and an expert on e-commerce business, consumer behavior, and technology trends. If you’re looking for more great Twitter lists, Brendan has 105 covering topics from big data to leadership.

6. David Edelman (@davidedelman) is the global co-lead of McKinsey’s digital marketing and sales team, where he helps marketers raise traffic volumes, conversion rates, and customer lifetime value. A top influencer on LinkedIn, Edelman shares articles and helpful resources for followers who want to stay on top of CX trends and stats.

7. Susan Etlinger (@setlinger) is an industry analyst at Altimeter Group, where she focuses on data strategy, analytics, and privacy. She’s recognized as an influencer in the big-data industry, and her TED Talk on ethical data use has over one million views.

8. Kate Leggett (@kateleggett) is vice president and a principal analyst at Forrester serving application development and delivery professionals. She is an expert on customer relationship management (CRM) and customer service strategies. She also knows the value of providing a good customer experience.

9. Paul Willmott (@WillmottPaul) leads McKinsey Digital to help clients navigate through digital disruption. On his blog, The Digital Enterprise, Willmott shares his insights and enthusiasm on the effects of digital technology on organizations.

10. Nancy Jamison (@NancyJami) is an analyst at Frost & Sullivan focused on customer care, digital marketing, social media, and their influence on the customer experience. She tweets (and answers questions!) about customer service and digitization.

Customer service: the former underdog.

CEM, CRM, UX, CX, CCO…the acronyms just keep on coming with a laser focus on customer service and support. What was once considered third to sales and marketing has taken a lead role in the customer journey.

CX is the key to brand differentiation. New technologies — from messaging apps to behavioral targeting and mobile commerce — are keeping brands on their toes. Many thanks to our favorite bloggers for keeping us up to speed on the latest and greatest in CX!

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Did we miss anyone? Please share your favorite bloggers (or even your own blog) in the comments below. We’d love to add them to our must-read list.

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