4 Tips to Personalize Digital Engagement with Actionable Data

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Dave Flammia
Global Head, PFP Programs
Thursday, June 13, 2013 - 14:23

Online shoppers crave speed, simplicity, and personalization when it comes to the online experience. Not only that, they expect this across multiple channels throughout their customer journey.

“Online shopping is likely to become more personalized, with retailers customizing their services and integrating online sales channels such as websites and social networks on any device that will connect to the internet. M-Commerce is expected to play an ever larger role in the future, with over half a billion customers following the trend to shop via mobile devices by 2016.”Global B2C E-Commerce Trends Report 2013, by Reportlinker

According to The Realities of Online Personalization report, published by Econsultancy in April 2013, “94% of companies agree that personalization is critical to current and future success.” The holdback is implementation. Of that same group surveyed, 72% admit they don’t know where to start with personalization. — The Realities of Online Personalization, by Econsultancy and Monetate, April 2013

So, how can companies meet the demands of today’s consumers and deliver a compelling and personalized experience? Here are four best practices for companies looking to deliver a more meaningful ecommerce experience using actionable, intelligent data.

  1. Engage with Comprehensive, Multi-Channel Preference In Mind

    Successful, personalized customer experiences happen in the customer’s channel of choice. Keep conversations in-channel, and look for ways to create an online experience that replicates the in-store experience. For example, if you can identify visitors who demonstrate purchase intent or abandonment behavior, then guide them through the checkout process within that same channel —you’ve enabled a better conversion rate and a more positive user experience.

    For more successful engagement, measure the effectiveness of each channel to identify what works in differing situations. Consider which engagement channel best serves visitors considering the stages of their customer journey (i.e. awareness, vs. comparison, vs. conversion and trust) and different live engagements you can offer to improve experiences at each stage per channel.

    As your multi-channel experience and analysis matures, segment customers leveraging data and analytics (i.e. site activity, search terms, customer history, geo-location, etc.) and act accordingly. The result will be a highly intelligent engagement program that will improve business results as well as the customer experience.

    2. Identify Data Driven Consumer Touchpoints

    We’re in the age of the self-sufficient buyer, yet the contact center is not going anywhere. Why? When customers need support, it’s speed, efficiency and personalized help that trump self-sufficiency.

    Utilize data to pinpoint crucial stages throughout the digital journey. The savvy online shopper demands personalized and intuitive touch points throughout the experience, which can be provided by:

  • Empowered, intelligent customer service representatives.
  • Access to their own customer story, told by the data they’re willing to share, such as online purchase history, website interactions, social mentions and more.
  • Local offers and information, collected via enabled geolocation services.
  • Responsive, real-time channel choice, such as chat, video, click-to-call, etc. For companies this means the ability to match high-touch to high-value customers, low-touch to “window-shoppers,” and more.

    3. Personalize the Mobile Experience

    Personalization has a special role on mobile. Mobile customers want immediacy, more so than PC users, and are less likely to wait, go the extra click, and browse extensively to complete a task or transaction.

    More and more activity takes place on mobile, yet mobile abandonment remains extremely high. Personalized and immediate engagement may be the answer to improve the mobile commerce experience.

    Personalizing the digital experience for your customer is demonstrated to improve satisfaction, loyalty, conversions and average order values. Not surprisingly, the same holds true for mobile, and as personalization equates to convenience and efficiency for the customer, it may yield dramatic improvements for your mobile strategy.

    When your customers are browsing products via mobile, do you make it as convenient as possible to stay in-channel, provide any necessary support, and complete checkout? Consider the following mobile commerce stats, based on a 2010 personalization survey by ChoiceStream, when evaluating the success of your buyer’s mobile experience:

  • Most mobile purchases (58%) were made after seeing a recommendation on a product detail page.
  • “Recommended for you” statements converted 74% of survey respondents. Remember, bringing the most personalized recommendations to the top of a small screen makes mobile shopping more convenient.
  • 65% of those surveyed would make more mobile purchases if it were easier find products—a challenge that real-time support can remedy.

    4. Implement the right tools

    Businesses require sophisticated technology to successfully implement multi-channel digital engagement and see results. With the right, cloud-based technology in place, companies can offer that 1-to-1, personalized experience for each customer, with real-time and trend data for larger scale decision-making.

    Engagement platforms help turn data into insight, and help eCommerce managers show value on the bottom line. For example, companies using the LivePerson engagement platform consistently realize:

  • A 20% increase in online sales.
  • A 25% decrease in contact operational costs.
  • Customer satisfaction scores above any other human-assisted channel.
  • Maximized agent productivity: target only those visitors most likely to benefit from personalized engagement.

For more on this topic, as well as specific results LivePerson customers are experiencing, check out the complete LivePerson article: Intelligent Online Engagement for Sales.



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