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Monday, September 14, 2015 - 09:56

With the back-to- school push behind us, retailers are gearing up for the biggest season of the year: holiday. Specifically, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Last year, Cyber Monday logged a record $2 billion in sales, growing 15% over the 2013 season, and this year, Cyber Monday outlooks are even greater. 

In my latest webinar, I teamed up with Jim Dion from Dionco Inc. to discuss how a smooth retail experience can turn holiday sales into loyal customers. Check out the summary below and watch the on-demand recording for even more details, tips, and info that will help your brand get ready for and reap the benefits of the upcoming holiday season. 

First, get into consumers’ pre-season mindset

Setting the scene for a successful holiday shopping season starts and ends with knowing your consumers. So, what’s up with the current state of consumer confidence? In a nutshell, it’s up about seven points from last year at this time. As Jim explains, “Our consumer is feeling pretty good, and there’s a lot of reasons for it.”

Why? Well, look at the price of gas. It’s lower than we’ve seen in awhile, which puts more money into consumers’ pockets.

Next, get into consumers’ pockets

And I don’t mean going straight for the wallet. Go for consumers’ mobile devices: They’re rewriting consumer relationships. Pew Research reports that 64% of Americans own a smartphone, and they’re using them across all functions. I’ve heard people say, “My phone’s my life!” Think about it. More people would rather lose their wallets than their phones, PCWorld finds. That’s a significant data point.

For an example of a brand doing mobile right, check out Target’s Cartwheel app. Consumers can shop the items discounted in the app and redeem those discounts during checkout. The validation is right on the website: As of today, app users have saved more than $285.69 million.

Throughout it all, connect in a meaningful way

Now that you’ve considered the consumer mindset and their mobile usage, think back to last holiday from the consumer’s point of view. Are you a last-minute shopper like me? Which brands impressed, and which fell short?

For most, holiday shopping is a high-pressure activity. Consumers are spending more than usual, stores are busier than the other seasons, we’re looking for the gift that’s just right for our loved ones, and we’re often in the holiday spirit. (From grinches to elves, whatever your end of the spectrum, there’s a little holiday spirit in us all.)  

Whether you’re connecting with consumers in-store or via e/m-commerce, holiday is the perfect opportunity to meet an influx of brand-new consumers, impress them, and turn them into repeat customers.

Fix #facepalms along the customer journey

Many, many more people shop on Cyber Monday compared to Black Friday — which would be obvious to anyone who understands the nature of the internet. You need to make sure you have the manpower to address issues as they come up. Almost half of online shoppers encounter some amount of trouble during the purchase process, The Guardian reports. Start by remedying some of the top #fails of the customer journey. Read on to find out what they are — and how to fix them — and listen to the webinar for additional details.

  1. “I can’t find what I’m looking for.” Hint: It should be easy. Avoid search and personalize the journey along the way with what you know about your consumer.
  2. “Too many options (sizes, shipping, returns, compatibility, etc.) can be confusing.” To remedy an overwhelmed consumer, have information available — and have your customer care team on standby. But don’t be too hands-on. Today’s consumer wants support to be available but only when they ask for it.
  3. “What’s good for me?” During the holiday, there’s a battle between consumer needs and wants, and personalization can play big if your brand can remember the wish list post-holiday. Consumers want brands to remember them (if they opt in, that is). Show the value of sharing purchase and preference data with you and then make sure marketing can deliver on that contract with relevant, personalized recommendations.
  4. “Respect my time!” It’s limited during the holidays, so, especially at checkout, brands that make the process as simple as possible will win over the competition.
  5. “Enhance my shopping experience across every touchpoint.” This includes your app, desktop, Pinterest profile, messaging, and more. If you’re going to launch an app, put up a webstore, or connect with consumers via chat, ensure the experience is aligned and intuitive across platforms. For example, consumers who purchase via an app should have no trouble returning the item in-store.
















Ready for more?

Check out the on-demand webinar for tips that will drive more meaningful consumer connections this holiday, when consumers are particularly impressionable. Within the webinar, you’ll hear details on:

  • The five points of failure driving higher friction and shopping cart abandonment and five specific remedies to each.

  • Data-driven tactics that enable a better customer experience across devices and channels.

  • How to prepare and empower your customer care team for Cyber Monday traffic without sacrificing meaningful holiday connections.

Access the full webinar here. 

Enjoy the webinar, and happy holiday season to you!

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