8 Things That Will Astound You at Aspire 2015

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Barry Lamm
Director, Partner Success
Thursday, September 10, 2015 - 12:01

Once a year, the universe of LivePerson customers, partners, and customer experience experts convenes for an all-day “un-conference” called Aspire. We’re prepping for the event right now — Aspire 2015 takes place on October 21st in New York — and tickets are on sale. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Aspire will change what you feel about user conferences.

Aspire is an experience like nothing else. And I really do mean it’s an “experience.” We guide you as you create a space designed to forge connections and learn how to adapt to the changing face of customer experience and service.

2. You’ll exchange real connections…not business cards.

No staring at the back of anyone’s head (or your iPhone) here! We don’t wait for “networking time” to get you connected to other leaders in the industry who share insights that can help your own business. Right from the beginning of the event, you’ll get to know your conference attendees on a deeper level and make key connections.

3. Your consumers want to message you. We’ll tell you what to do about it.

You’ll learn how the consumer is adopting mobile behavior, which has altered the way they’re interacting with brands. This also gives you, as brands, greater freedom by putting customer service in the palm of your hand. Together, we’ll explore the future of customer engagement and discuss how messaging is closing the gap between the way brands let their customers reach them and what those customers really want. You’ll also get a better understanding of the economics of messaging as compared to voice and how much it cuts cost while improving the customer experience. As one such professional at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) explains in a recent blog post, chat also lets her and her coworkers take their time with customers and get to know each one a little bit better. RBS will run a workshop at Aspire to go into further detail on the benefits of switching from voice to digital conversations.

4. The future contact center looks nothing like what you currently have in place.

Customers don’t have the patience to call a 1-800 to connect anymore. It doesn’t matter how sophisticated your IVR program or enjoyable your hold music: Your customers are frustrated, and they just want to reach a real, live person. And there’s a better way: messaging — whether that means online or via mobile. By transforming your customer care strategy, you’ll not only meet the demands of today’s consumer but drive greater value and loyalty to your overall business, too.

5. The less PowerPoint, the more you’ll learn.

You’ll hear from in-house specialists and industry experts across several verticals as they discuss product updates, evolving technology, and market trends. You’ll participate in one-on-one conversations, small discussions, large-scale panel talks, and hands-on workshops. What you won’t experience are hour-long presentations or superficial discussions that don’t answer any of your questions.

6. There is a technical and business expert on-site to solve any of your problems. And you’ve got as much 1:1 time with them as you need.

There’s a very small chance that the guy presenting on stage has a business issue directly related to the one you’re dealing with. That’s why we built plenty of “Expert Station” time into the program, allowing you to meet one-on-one to get your questions answered. At Aspire, you’re in charge. Build your own agenda by picking and choosing the workshops that are most relevant to your business, whether you’re in retail, insurance, financial services, technology, or travel and hospitality. You’ll walk away with insights into how to make the most out of your implementation and go back to your office a hero.

7. Find yourself in a location that inspires you. 

No lame hotel ballroom would do for an event like Aspire. The venue is the unsung hero of any event. Plus, we'll have activities that will keep you engaged all day long. You’ll play the drums. I bet the band will let you sing a song. You’ll connect, you’ll learn, and you’ll love it.

8. You need to reserve your spot now!

Join us on October 21st. Discover everything you need to know to enhance your customer strategy and make more personal connections — with your customers and with the other attendees.

For more information about Aspire, click here. Or simply register now. To learn more about the way our CEO Rob LoCascio feels about conferences and what you can expect, check out his Inc. magazine column about how to run conferences that don’t suck.

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