How to Lose a Customer in 76 Seconds or Less [Infographic]

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Erin Kang
LivePerson Contributor
Tuesday, November 19, 2013 - 11:05

Research indicates that many consumers won’t wait more than 5 minutes to get help in store before they walk out.  How long are consumers willing to wait for help online? Today’s “digital consumer” is even more impatient, and globally, consumers will wait an average of just 76 seconds to get help online before they give up, or go to another website. For many of us, that time limit is even shorter. For example, for US consumers, that figure is a meager 73 seconds.  

What else do we expect from brands online? Our second annual “Connecting with Customers” research reveals that we, as  consumers, are increasingly becoming a time-strapped, on-demand, digital generation. Brands that value our time, resolve our issues effectively, and provide positive digital interaction can earn a lifetime of customer loyalty. On the flipside, we tend to be unforgiving if a brand isn’t getting the basics right -- if retailers don’t provide delivery costs upfront, or have detailed product info handy, we may leave the website and spend our money elsewhere.

Blame it on Facebook, Google Hangouts, Snapchat, Skype - while consumers are digitally adept, and self-sufficient, we want human connection whenever and wherever we spend time online, including from our favorite brands. There are moments in the digital journey where we simply need human assistance, and we want it in real-time. There’s truly no substitute for an easily accessible “live person” ready to handle our questions.

What are the other factors that lead to a positive online experience? Check out our infographic below (click on the image for full-resolution version).

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