Knoah Solutions: Turning Lookers into Bookers with Digtal Engagement Solutions

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Friday, June 20, 2014 - 10:59

As demand for live digital engagement grows at organizations of all sizes, LivePerson continues to put resources toward its growing partner network. The end goal: to ensure its partners and their customers are mutually successful.  And it’s working. In 2013 LivePerson’s Partner Program experienced strong interest from new partners and impressive traction and growth, doubling the number of partners in the network. Now, the Partner Program is growing in existing geographies and expanding to new ones. More people, streamlined processes, and enhanced technology will help LivePerson and its partners build on this recent success.

The centerpiece of the “new and improved” Partner Program is the recently-launched LivePerson Partner Network, available to all partners regardless of type. It’s the one-stop shop for sales materials, technical documentation, and marketing enablement resources to help you succeed as a partner. You will find tools in the portal that have never been available to partners before—all easily accessible at the click of a mouse.


A 13-year Relationship with Knoah Solutions


One of LivePerson’s earliest partners, Knoah Solutions, has transformed its customer service and expanded business offerings since it first partnered with LivePerson more than ten years ago. Knoah Solutions is a Las Vegas-based provider of multi-channel contact center outsourcing services. It started integrating chat into the user experience in 2001. Chat immediately proved to be popular with customers, despite the fact that it was an unfamiliar tool at the time.  

Over the years, the Knoah-LivePerson partnership has evolved. Today, the company partners with LivePerson as a reseller, as a resource for LivePerson expansion, and as a delivery partner for LivePerson pay-for-performance managed services.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with David Lewy, SVP of Sales and Business Development at Knoah Solutions, about the firsthand LivePerson experience and the business impact of LivePerson’s partner program.


OG: Knoah Solutions is a longtime LivePerson partner. It’s been more than 10 years! Over the past decade, how has the LivePerson / Knoah relationship impacted your business?

DL:  As you know, we started with chat. It wasn’t even a must-have in the eyes of our customers at the time, but it’s something we saw a future in—and it’s paid off. Since then, we’ve actually expanded the scope of our offerings because of LivePerson. We now offer a turnkey live chat solution, powered by LivePerson and delivered by our highly skilled agent teams. The result is the best customer experience for our clients.


O: LivePerson’s technology has grown with Knoah over the years. What software features do customers seem to value most?

D: Data analytics is huge. There is no vendor that comes close to LivePerson in being able to deliver the information in real time that helps us to deliver optimal service for our clients. With any other solution, we would be slower in identifying where we could improve agent performance—which would decrease customer satisfaction and increase costs.


O: As a midsized player in an industry dominated by giants, how do you set Knoah apart? Where does digital fit in?

D: We differentiate ourselves as a company with the experience and the competence of a very large outsourcing organization, but with the intimacy and flexibility of a boutique company. LivePerson’s extensive resources make it easy to offer our clients the experience, best practices, latest technologies and perks of the enterprise, but delivered with the personal touch of a smaller operation. 

We provide live chat agents for a majority of our customers, and for most of them, the channel is growing more quickly than other channels. As a result, digital engagement with LivePerson now represents a significant percentage of our business. Our agents represent our clients’ brand to their customers, and the quality of the interaction on the live chat channel is very evident.


O: More and more customer conversations are moving to mobile. How has the LivePerson solution changed the on-the-go experience?

D: We were the first company in LivePerson’s stable to actually provide a mobile interface. Mobile click to chat is useful in many instances for both sales and service. For example, it allows our clients’ customers to take a picture of a product that is not working, send it in, and continue the engagement from there. It gives us a well-rounded opportunity to meet customers where they are. We’re looking forward to deploying LivePerson’s mobile Click-to-Chat experience for many of our customers in the next two years.

O: What do you see for the future of the LivePerson / Knoah partnership?

D: It’s one of those rare finds that increases customer satisfaction while reducing a company’s costs. Live chat has a way of establishing a meaningful connection with a customer, even if an agent is chatting with three other customers at the same time. For our clients, it’s a no-brainer to invest in live chat.

Check out this video, which contains excerpts of our conversations with co-founder Ralph Barletta, sales chat team lead Russell Flymen and David at Knoah Solutions.


About the Program

The LivePerson Partner Program offers a proven technology platform and methodology to create powerful customer experiences that increase satisfaction, drive sales, and bolster brand value. As a member of the LivePerson Partner Network, we will provide you with resources to sell, deploy, and manage LivePerson’s cloud-based service. You will also learn best practices for engagement across a multitude of domains.

Partnering with LivePerson may just be the next step in the success of your business. We hope to hear from you soon!

For more information about LivePerson’s Partner Program visit to contact a member of the Partner Network team.

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