Are You Really Listening to Your Customers?

Posted by
Dave Flammia
Global Head, PFP Programs
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 16:01

Consumers are constantly providing feedback about their experience with your brand.  The feedback may be indirect, such as sharing their experience with a friend, or through any of the many social channels.  Alternatively, consumers may offer their feedback directly with you by chatting with your online agents or reaching out to your contact center.  But the question is: are you really listening to your customers?

Whether the available feedback is positive or negative, it’s important for businesses to capture the data that’s out there to truly understand what customers need as a means of improving the customer experience.

It’s shocking that so many companies are investing millions of dollars to build websites focused on driving more traffic and increasing sales success, without really focusing on how customers engage on their website.  Not surprisingly, our industry intelligence indicates that customer visit bounce rates remain well over 50%, while online conversion percentages have flat-lined at less than 2% over the last decade. That means around half of the investment made in just bringing traffic to their website is simply wasted.

But there’s a secret to making better use of your digital investment: tapping into user data to better understand your site visitors and engage with them more effectively.  When companies are able to take action on the data captured through structured and unstructured data sources, analyze it and use it to better engage with their customers the results lead to higher conversions, better customer satisfaction and more brand loyalty

Marketers continue to search for deep insights about their customers in order to make their online investments count.  With the tremendous amount of data available today, gathering and analyzing the right data with the most effective tools will promote better website targeting, increase conversions and improve customer service.


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