Be Present, Not Perfect: The Next Wave of Customer Care [Webinar]

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Alon Waks
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - 11:49

Today’s consumers are always connected.

As Activate’s latest tech and media outlook report shows, the average American spends more time using tech and media than any other activity, including work or sleep! And we’re so busy multitasking, we’ve actually managed to add more time to our day. It’s no longer 24 hours — multitasking now gives the average American approximately 31 hours and 28 minutes of activity per day. Pretty wild, right?

Media and consumer tech activity


Changes like this in consumer behaviors indicate changes in the consumer-brand relationship.  So, how have the dynamics of customer service and retention changed? How can brands keep up in the constantly connected, always-on landscape? And how can brands go beyond “keeping up” to drive better consumer experiences?

Today’s consumers crave experiences more than ever. The next wave of consumer experience begins and ends with a focus on building lasting and loyal relationships.

In a recent webinar, I answer the questions above and more, as we dive into the why and how behind building lasting customer connections.


Your consumer wants better customer care and will go mobile to get it

How many of us have called a brand in the past few hours? Hopefully you haven’t had to. It would have likely involved waiting on hold, and there’s a 48% chance you’ll leave the call feeling unhelped. :(

Now, how many of us have texted or IMed in the past few hours? Chances are, you have. And even though Tom Brady’s been known to “text like a millennial” at more than 80 texts per day, texting isn’t just for millennials. Messaging is the most widely used feature on smartphones across all demographics.

Consumers want messaging because it’s convenient, it’s more efficient relative to time invested, and it offers greater privacy. Brands that meet consumers via mobile messaging deliver on channel of choice.

The next wave of customer care, according to the stats…

At LivePerson, we see the clear signals from consumer data on a daily basis. But you don’t have to take my word as truth when it comes to what’s next for customer care.

  • American consumers have wasted 60 million hours waiting on hold (that’s 88 lifetimes!).
  • 270 billion customer services calls are handled each year, and roughly half of those calls go unresolved. 85% are put on hold, 67% hang up, and nearly half feel unhelped.
  • 65% of US telco subscribers start the journey from digital and prefer digital. Yet, because they’re left with unresolved issues, they’re forced to call contact center for questions and transactions. The bigger issue: These consumers oftentimes have to relive and re-explain their customer service issue to find resolution.

We see it over and over again: Consumers try to self-serve but get stuck. And for those lucky consumers who are able to self-serve or find same-channel resolution, it’s clear that journey continuity makes people happier.

How can brands respond? Focus on connection, not perfection

It sounds basic because it is. At the heart of every good brand experience is a human connection. It’s a thoughtful product feature, connection to a creative ad campaign, or a friendly response on the other end of a service request.

Be there to connect throughout the entire journey. Anticipate and deliver on consumer needs. Respond in a way that opens the door for a more meaningful consumer experience.

Need a starting point? Consider these top five needs (and opportunities to better connect) across the consumer journey.

  1. Consumers are looking for something and unable to find it. Pour over the data and be more useful and helpful for your consumers seeking information.
  2. Consumers are looking to understand their options. Consider what content your brand offers in terms of product specs, shipping times, offers, and more. Is there enough information available to help a consumer feel informed?
  3. Consumers are asking, “What’s good for me?” If they signal that they want personalized care, offer it.
  4. Consumers want brands to respect their time. Make sure they’re able to self-serve and, if a someone needs help, deliver it promptly.
  5. Consumers want on-channel support. Service on mobile and digital to be there through your consumers’ method of choice.

Need more proof? Brands that deliver on consumer connection via messaging and mobile see higher NPS, more customer references, lower costs for consumer care (23% lower!), and 12x greater utilization.

For more on creating lasting connections in the new era of customer care, check out my on-demand webinar.

Already putting these tips into action? Visit the ACCPI to take your customer care team to the next level.

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