Best-in-Class Companies Target and Engage High Value Visitors

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Alon Waks
LivePerson Contributor
Thursday, October 24, 2013 - 13:27

Companies are spending millions of dollars driving visitors to their website, but only a small fraction of their budget is spent optimizing the experience for those visitors.  What if you could identify the people who come to your site who have the highest intent to purchase, are the most valuable and provide the most impact to your bottom line? Taking that a step further, in this segment of people, what if you could filter out the ones that need help but got stuck somewhere in their online journey?

“83% of visitors who come to your website need some sort of support along their customer journey.”
LivePerson High Impact Engagement, 2013

If you could intelligently target these people and provide them with a rich, personalized digital engagement - to help get them exactly what they need quickly, and help them complete their online journey - you would see happy customers and thus improve your bottom line.

At LivePerson, we’ve seen that best-in-class companies:

  • Identify the profile and intent of high-stakes visitors on their site
  • Intelligently engage visitors at the right moment on the right channel
  • Continually increase conversions and decrease bounce rates on their website

To find out how to achieve high impact targeting,  register for LivePerson’s webinar, hosted by Demand Gen Report, on October 29th at 2pm ET. Here’s a preview:


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