Boost Small Biz Sales with Better Customer Support [VIDEO]

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Tom Byun
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Wednesday, August 5, 2015 - 10:31

Last week, Infusionsoft released the latest edition of its weekly show, Ignition, starring yours truly. Each week, show hosts Ellis Friedman (@ellisredpen) and Ramon Ray (@ramonray) come back to the set of Ignition to answer one crowd-sourced question — always with a spotlight on small business.

Ellis and Ramon invited me on the show to discuss how small businesses can prioritize customer support. It’s a question I field frequently — especially as businesses (both big and small) become more and more tuned in to experiential, personalized marketing techniques.

Now, more than ever, it’s critical that small businesses view customer experience (CX) as part of their sales and growth strategies. Thanks to new technologies, there are affordable (and even free) ways to grow customer support and keep existing customers happy.

Above, check out my interview with Infusionsoft, zooming in on customer experience strategies.

Following are a few tips shared in the video above:

  1. Better social media management is an obvious tactic. See what customers are saying about you online and troubleshoot problem areas.
  2. Beyond the social realm, customers should be able to reach a live person on a one-to-one level when they need it most. Mobile app and desktop messaging is the most efficient way to connect. Plus, you can message for free.
  3. Finally, make it easy for your customers to get ahold of you. Seems simple, but it’s the first step in opening the lines of communications and better customer care.

Watch the full video for more insight on strengthening customer support to drive sales.    

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