Breaking Free of the Tactical Swamp with Your Customers

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Elana Krasner
LivePerson Contributor
Monday, August 31, 2015 - 10:35

From our company culture to our platform, LivePerson’s mission of creating meaningful connections resonates through everything we do. So, when it comes to helping our customers connect with their own, we truly believe it starts with us and our relationship with them. (We even created a Culture Pact — an agreement between us and a customer — outlining how we will work together in the most productive, meaningful way possible to achieve the best results.)

However, it’s not uncommon to come to an impasse during the relationship, especially during long-term partnerships. Sometimes it’s because a new member has joined the team or one that the client depends on has left. Either way, there’s a risk of miscommunication between your account managers and clients. In his piece “Getting Out of the Tactical Swamp with Your Customers,” Neal McCoy, LivePerson’s director of professional services for North America, details how things may seem smooth on the surface, but, on a deeper level, there’s a troubling disconnect...

If you find yourself in the swamp, it’s important to remember that not all is lost. There is a way to drag you and your customer out of its murky waters. It’s not always pretty (and it’s never easy), but it will bring you both to higher ground and seeing eye to eye again.

Start the process with an open and frank discussion of issues, progress, goals, and opportunities. Neal outlines the four types of conversations you need to have with your customers to get the ball rolling. First and foremost, ensure your vision and strategy are aligned with the customer’s goals. Everything that follows — such as seeking opportunities for growth, prioritizing and managing expectations, and providing reliable, ongoing support — hinges on this fundamental element of your relationship. Once you’re free from the swamp, expect much smoother sailing going forward.

What are your strategies for surviving (or avoiding) this common trap? For more tips on getting out of the tactical swamp, read the full story on LinkedIn.

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