Bringing the In-Branch Experience to Online Banking

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 - 13:49

Until recently, there has been an incomparable element to the in-branch experience—friendly, knowledgeable staff who understand my social cues, serve me quickly, or pull me aside for a more in depth sit-down discussion, addressing all of my concerns all in one visit. Today, while more than half of US adults are banking online, there still remains a certain sense that for more complicated and sensitive transactions, to receive personal support, you should just go into the branch. The latest innovations in online engagement are soon changing this.

Last week at NetFinance, the Director of the Financial Services vertical at LivePerson, Keith Wicklow, presented a dynamic picture of what the future of online banking may look like for consumers…

Imagine I’m on a bank’s website, I begin the onboarding process and hit a hurdle, halfway through. If a bank uses intelligent engagement tools, a chat invitation is launched to let me know my problem has been recognized and can be addressed with real-time human assistance. This remains one of the best ways to achieve first-contact resolution. However, the level of interaction doesn’t have to stop at chat.

Next, the bank agent enables a joint form-fill session within the dynamic chat window to guide me personally through any complicated portions of the online form, making the experience more hands-on and truly collaborative.

After joint-completing the form, the agent initiates a file-share (still within the chat window) for any documents that I need to sign, scan, and deliver so I don’t have to log-off and return later to complete the process. This is true first contact resolution.

After I have successfully registered, the agent takes a few extra minutes to walk me through the rest of the website and other services offered through real-time screen sharing-- still within the chat window.

Creating innovative and collaborative engagement options within the same support interface dramatically enhances and personalizes the customer experience, removing friction from the onboarding process, and making the customer feel more valued, more connected. Banks who consider delivering this type of experience understand what type of interaction I need, when I need it, and understand my value as their customer.

This is the future of online banking, and perhaps the future of banking as we know it. 


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