Connecting In a Complex World

Posted by
Robert LoCascio
Founder and CEO
Monday, October 10, 2011 - 22:25

I believe the greatest challenge for our customers today is in their ability to connect with their consumers in a way that is meaningful and provides value. Our intelligent chat is one way in which they can connect with the right consumer at the right time. We asked ourselves, how can we help our customers connect with their consumers beyond just chat? But before I get into this, you need to understand the evolution of our core product.

Five years ago, we developed a behavioral targeting platform and married it with our chat to create what we call “proactive intelligent engagement.” Today, many of the largest ecommerce sites use our chat to engage their visitors, lifting their conversions by 20% or more and dramatic improvements in customer satisfaction. Our sophisticated behavioral engine processes a huge volume of consumer shopping information, and then intelligently selects visitors exhibiting the ‘right’ patterns to receive a proactive chat. So the very high conversion rates our chat delivers can be attributed to a finely tuned and well-developed behavioral targeting engine.

We began to think, why not re-engineer our platform to support other intelligence-driven products?

So in 2010, we built a comprehensive platform exposing our behavioral targeting engine to deliver other intelligent engagement products. Now through our platform, we are enabling companies to engage consistently and intelligently with consumers on their website, in social media, mobile, and any other space where they want to connect. Using our solutions, our customers can cater in different, relevant ways to each consumer—they can chat with one consumer, give another a coupon for 10% off a potentially abandoned cart, respond to a consumer’s unhappy tweet and enable a person to text message a question to a live agent --all through our platform. We want the consumer to feel like they are being treated as special individuals, and companies can do this by connecting with them at the right time through the right channel and offer.

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