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Steve Schloss
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - 18:43

How do you know if a company is truly outstanding as an employer? Few live up to their own hype. The most creative employment branding is often contradicted by the reality (and lack of authenticity) that awaits the newly hired staff member. A simple click on for example can offer wanted or unwanted behind-the-scenes insights. There is one truth: companies of all sizes are challenged to sustain and even extend their culture, especially through global growth and change.

Being a part of a high growth, passionate and intensely competitive organization like LivePerson, our journey to scale culture is naturally filled with ups and downs. It’s hard work which requires effort from all corners of the organization.  We have more than doubled in size over the past two years, and place a premium on people-related investments. As we work towards a simple, scalable and sustainable recruitment model, both the selection of talent and nurturing and development of leaders are all rooted in our core values and culture of connection. While I realize investing and deploying people and resources is the most strategic business investment for any organization, the paths an organization chooses to solve for these challenges are the means to create true market differentiation.

To put this in perspective, a recent  NY Times interview, with LivePerson CEO and Founder Rob LoCascio, illustrates how culture has impacted our growth and transformation as a SaaS industry leader and employer. I believe our cultural journey, now three years in the making, serves as a template on ways to attract and develop people on a global scale that few companies address or attempt. We’ve taken risks and are better for having done so.

So what behind the scenes info can I share with you in addition to what Rob shared? First, attracting, inviting and selecting the right people for LivePerson is a serious (and fun) business for us. We want potential hires to feel welcomed yet challenged, at times uncomfortable yet intrigued, and most of all, we expect that future hires are authentic and intellectually curious. Candidates may find that for each posted position, a series of targeted questions will be asked (and in some cases using our video-based screening platform) even before a formal interview is set up. We look for a number of traits beyond domain and functional expertise. We care about your ability to lead, coach, develop, inspire, see the big picture and get things done. Given our global standing, your ability to communicate, listen and connect in a cross-cultural workplace is essential. Finally, we place strong emphasis on self awareness, coachability, resilience and altruism.

When engaged with a direct hiring leader and fellow LivePerson colleagues during the interview journey, a candidate may experience group discussions, testing, targeted projects or maybe a final round pitch or proposal. Throughout the experience we want to be sure that a personal connection is made. Even if you don’t get hired, we want the experience to live up to our values of being an owner and helping others. Most of all we want you to say yes to LivePerson after having earned the opportunity, while embracing our culture and the possibilities that come from growth.

Once you’ve arrived and participated in our Global Welcome Experience you will have the opportunity to leverage our Launch platform for new hires. Over time as you succeed and grow you will have the chance to learn the art of coaching, and in turn provide real life coaching and feedback to your colleagues and ultimately, you may be invited to participate in our Global Leadership Development Experience. This unique learning opportunity for LivePerson leaders in groups of 10 to 15, is a six month process that brings to life our four key elements of global leadership in a highly interactive and demanding approach. We believe leaders must be multidimensional, whether you lead people, processes or projects. You must be conscious, informed, connected and influential and be able to live our brand inside and outside of the company.

We also want you to be excited about the possibility of working with customers. Over 8,500 strong, our customers span the globe and cover a diversity of industries. While we have great sales and services teams and resources, we believe in the power and possibility that comes from direct customer interaction regardless of role, from finance to R&D-- there are no barriers. We want to be sure that our customers know they are valued and can have meaningful connections with LivePerson staff.

So if you are interested in joining our unique, growing and global community, or simply want to participate in our cultural dialogue, we invite you to connect with us. Follow us on Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.  Or, consider our many job opportunities across the globe.

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