Customer Spotlight: Exodus’ Digital Engagement Improves Personalised Travel Experience [VIDEO]

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Tony Heyworth
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Friday, March 14, 2014 - 11:35

Creative tourism is one of the top travel trends predicted for 2014, according to Travel Market Report. The trend is all about an engaged and authentic experience: “It’s travel that provides a connection with those who reside in the destination,” said Chris Fair, president of Resonance Consultancy.

Exodus is an adventure travel company providing the complete creative tourism experience, with the mission of finding the very best ways to explore our planet. Exodus specialises in small group expeditions led by expert local guides. Its expeditions are packed with culture, wildlife, scenery, local food, and other activities so travelers truly experience the community they’re visiting.

Exodus’ focus on experience runs end to end—from the moment a visitor enters the Exodus website, and throughout their actual adventure. It’s essential for Exodus to deliver an exceptional experience to customers both digitally, and on the ground. Read on, and check out the video below to hear first hand how Exodus uses live digital engagement to create a more meaningful experience online.

Real-Time Engagement Delivers on Company Mission, and Bottom Line

When the Exodus team needed to find a way to support and engage online customers, it partnered with LivePerson for real-time engagement solutions such as Live Chat, content targeting, and web analytics-based targeting. By deploying LivePerson technology on its website, Exodus is able to intelligently engage visitors, provide a personalised, 1-to-1 customer experience, and collect valuable data for future promotional activities.  

Since deploying real-time engagement solutions, conversion rates have improved considerably— over 25% of online sales are now generated via Live Chat and chat volumes are up by 400% since October 2013. The results are more intelligent engagements and better online experiences for Exodus customers.

“LivePerson has become integral to whatever we do online … it’s just the smart way of doing things.”- Imran Arshad, Digital Performance Manager, Exodus

Looking Ahead: Live Mobile Chat in the Travel Industry

As Exodus continues to fine-tune its digital engagement strategy, it looks to live mobile chat. The first travel brand to launch an iPhone app in 2010, Exodus is a pioneer in the mobile space. Now, as its app moves from 3G to 4G, mobile chat will soon be available through this most convenient channel. According to International Business Times: “By 2017, the mobile channel is expected to account for over 30% of online travel value sales … all signs indicate that mobile will be at the core of customer relationships in travel.”

Exodus & LivePerson Video Spotlight

Check out the full story in the following video, where Exodus’ Digital Performance Manager walks us through details of the company’s mission, and how live digital engagement helps deliver the company’s objectives.

Learn more about the Exodus success story by downloading the pdf: Exodus’ Digital Engagement Improves Personalised Travel Experience

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