Cvent “Aspires” to a Meaningful Customer Connection

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Hollie Ellison
Senior Marketing Manager, Events
Tuesday, September 16, 2014 - 15:32

Dave Phillips attended the 2012 LivePerson Aspire event, and he is very glad he did. The senior manager of digital marketing for Cvent, a leading cloud-based event management platform with more than 12,000 customers worldwide, Dave was interested in taking the company’s LivePerson deployment to the next level.

Working for an events management company, Dave has seen how the best events are put together, and he was impressed with Aspire. “The event is a great place to connect with other customers while gathering strategies and recommendations from peers who have—or are in the process of—tackling the same challenges as you,” Dave says. “Aspire is a mirror reflection of what LivePerson does for the company’s customers—it is a great connection exercise.”

Focusing on the customer journey

The reasons Dave wanted to attend Aspire weren’t that different from the reasons he and his team selected LivePerson in the first place. “I always want to be proactive rather than reactive in the way I engage with website visitors,” he explains. “An event has a lot of moving parts, and there are many options customers need to review and understand before they complete their journey. Many get frustrated and confused and bounce off our website.”

After deploying LivePerson Click to Chat and proactive chat in 2011, Dave and his team began using LivePerson’s enrichment analytics capabilities to understand visitor behavior and inform their marketing strategy. “We look at where chats are coming from—which keywords, which marketing campaigns—so we can optimize those efforts based on that information,” Dave explains.

Creating meaningful connections with customers

Three years after deploying LivePerson, Dave knows that his company is truly creating meaningful connections with his website visitors through a holistic digital engagement strategy. Cvent added content targeting through the LiveEngage platform in 2012. “We have a lot of whitepapers, e-books, and videos, and we wanted to target those at visitors based on their behavior,” he says.

Another recent enhancement involves social media. “We monitor social media for people who are in our target audience and asking questions about venues or event management,” Dave relates. “Our social media ambassadors can now engage with them in their social media platform of choice, and offer them a proactive chat invitation right there.

“The deeper we have gotten into digital engagement, the more we have focused on the customer journey,” Dave reflects. “We recently did a lot of testing of different graphics, copy, size, and placement for our buttons and invitations. And we came to understand what language should be put on what page, based on where a visitor would be in the sales process. We did all of this in response to customer feedback received during live chat conversations.”

Impacting the bottom line

The most important result of the LivePerson solution at Cvent is the large number of net new leads it has acquired. “Live chat and the content targeting features are bringing us a lot of leads, and the number of leads generated through other channels has not gone down,” Dave reports. “This means that we have been able to connect with a lot of visitors who would not have contacted us any other way.”

This success has run parallel with significant growth in the company as a whole. “We are building new websites, and our SEO is getting huge,” Dave notes. “Many more people are coming to our site, and we’re having more live chat conversations every month as a result. And bounce rates have improved dramatically.”

When asked for what advice he might offer his peers, Dave is adamant: “The value proposition of engaging customers on your website immediately is huge and self-evident, so you have to do it,” he says. “Another piece of advice is to test and measure everything. So much data is available these days that every marketer should be doing that.  And finally, attend the LivePerson Aspire event if you possibly can. The investment will pay for itself many times over.

Register today for Aspire 2014 and you'll have the unique opportunity to connect with leaders in eCommerce, like Cvent's Dave Phillips. If you'd like to learn more from Dave, take a few minutes to listen to my podcast interview with him on the Digital Engagement soundcloud channel:

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