CX = #1 Priority for Small Businesses

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Justin Smith
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Thursday, May 7, 2015 - 12:05

Small businesses are charming. They breathe life into local economies and add color to city culture. And it’s no wonder: With a small team, it’s easy to focus on people over product. SMBs don’t have to humanize operations, because it’s ingrained in everyday operations.

But with limited resources, small business owners and executives are feeling the pressure to create advanced, tech-savvy customer experiences that rival big-name companies.

How do we know?  

In honor of SMB week,LivePerson is previewing results of a survey, including responses from 560 SMBs in a wide range of industries. The results show that customer experience has become a top priority, regardless of business size. In fact, customer service and support is the highest priority for 2015, above sales acquisition and sales conversion.

Thanks to the latest in digital engagement, SMBs can achieve more personal, meaningful connections (keeping in mind that resources are slim, and manpower is limited). Below are three steps to start rethinking your customer service experience.

Small businesses take on customer experience

1. Move to messaging. According to our survey results, SMBs would like to see their customers contact them more often via messaging, indicating they’re in sync with consumer trends, as more than three-quarters of consumers prefer using mobile apps to calling a contact center. Not only is messaging more convenient and omni-channel, but it also allows for a more personalized, meaningful experience.

2. Identify highest priority engagements. Time is the most valuable resource to SMBs. With LiveEngage, SMBs can tailor the online experience and strategically target site visitors who are more likely to make a purchase or have purchased something previously. For example, you can send a proactive chat invitation to someone stalling on the checkout page or target those coming from a specific referral site.

3. Go mobile. According to ComScore, “the number of mobile-only Internet users now exceeds desktop-only in the US.”And almost 30% of survey respondents agreed that customers are visiting their mobile sites or apps more frequently than before. Consumers expect the same service through their mobile devices as they have on a desktop, especially on-the-go shoppers who need real-time, live support.  

Digital engagement trumps tradition

Calling is costly. It’s time-consuming, and there’s no way to predetermine if a call will be worthwhile. With digital engagement and real-time messaging technologies, customer care professionals can select engagements based on on-site behavior as well as juggle several conversations at once.

Plus, with messaging, SMBs can showcase their most attractive quality: the human touch. Chatting with a customer one-on-one is just more natural. It’s how consumers want to communicate, and it’s how they communicate with friends and family.  

Visit LivePerson's Small Business Community to start optimizing your online engagement strategy. The community is dedicated to helping SMBs implement LiveEngage and advance current engagements. Plus, it hosts technical discussions and 24/7 support for small business customers.

With this in mind, how will you adapt your strategy?

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