Cyber Monday Results Are In: Shoppers Generate a Record One Million Digital Engagements

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Alon Waks
LivePerson Contributor
Monday, December 9, 2013 - 21:18

Last week saw a flurry of hype around the expected record numbers of shoppers going digital this year on Cyber Monday. Good news: the numbers are in, and consumers did not disappoint their favorite retailers. At figures north of $1.735 billion, some are calling it the biggest e-commerce spending day in US history. Not only did more consumers take to the internet and mobile devices to do their shopping, but here at LivePerson we also saw an important trend in behavior emerge as a growing number of consumers engaged with brands while shopping online.

Our data shows that a record 119 million site visits occurred on Cyber Monday, an increase of 38% over last year’s data. Brands that understand the true importance of Cyber Monday see that it’s not just about one day’s revenue, it’s also a critical opportunity to provide an exceptional online customer experience that can lead to brand loyalty and future sales. 83% of online consumers report needing some kind of assistance to complete their online purchasing, and ignoring that need leads to cart abandonment and lost opportunities. Meanwhile, for 84% of shoppers, all it takes is just one positive online experience to turn them into lifetime customers. There's never been more pressure for retailers to meet expectations from the moment a potential customer first clicks on your site.

Digital Engagements Increase 16% over Cyber Monday 2012

Keeping up with the pace of change in consumer behavior is critical, especially on days like Cyber Monday. LivePerson supported our customers to conduct more than one million digital engagements on Cyber Monday, an increase of 16% over the previous year.

This tells us that consumers are demanding more engagement through more connection options with brands online, especially at those critical moments where they would like to make a purchase. Companies that were prepared for the surge in traffic and demand for engagement were able to connect with an even larger percentage of their customers than normal, with most seeing a significant jump in their engagement rates over the prior Cyber Monday. This represents real incremental revenue for these brands driven by our platform, which scaled with them to help them handle the extra demand for engagement.

Is Your Business Meeting Consumers’ Digital Expectations This Holiday?

Demand for exceptional customer service has never been higher, regardless if consumers shop online, via mobile or in the store. Consumers want to be able to quickly and efficiently connect with customer service at every touch point, especially during critical moments when they’re making a purchase or have a question about a product.

According to our recent Connecting with Customers survey, online consumers reported a willingness to wait an average of just 76 seconds to get a question answered or issue resolved before taking their business elsewhere. This underscores the need for brands to be prepared, especially during high traffic times, to engage their customers at the right time and in the right way during their digital journey.

Though the holiday shopping season is well underway, brands can still take steps to ramp up their digital engagement capabilities. If the digital momentum from Cyber Monday continues, as we expect it will, the potential for winning new customers now and beyond the holiday season is an opportunity that brands cannot afford to ignore.

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