Designing our New Space

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Erin Kang
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Friday, April 27, 2012 - 15:00

Why did we decide to move offices?

As our company continues to grow, our physical space becomes more and more important as it reflects our culture and future.  Simply put, we felt like we were limited in translating our culture within the confines of a stale, cubicle office format.

The vision behind the space is to bring out our culture of openness, ownership, connection and sustainability.  We wanted to put this front and center to anyone who enters the space, without the need for explanation.  Openness and connection is readily apparent to anyone that walks through the front door as you’re hit with open space and people in the Town Hall.  Sustainability is woven throughout the space as much of the materials are reused from the space previously (e.g. lighting fixtures were reassembled and re-imagined to create interesting lighting, the concrete floor is the original floor from an old printing press).  Flexibility was also a major design element as we wanted to support our transforming culture and reflect and adapt to our future (e.g. meeting rooms can be reconfigured easily, the Town hall can be transformed into event space).  We added in more places for people to meet, whether in a formal setting or a more relaxed setting like the Town Hall.  We knew from our current space that there weren’t enough of either type of space and built in more of this space into the plan.  Lastly, the overall space is a symbol of our culture of ownership.  The entire project was a joint creation of everyone in the New York office, as represented by their team ambassadors, as well as the architect, Mapos.

We chose to work with Mapos because of their unique quality was their ability to listen to our needs and translate those needs into a design, working hand-in-hand with our ambassador team of 15 LP representatives to create the space.  They understood what we wanted to do probably even better than we did.  Learn more about our moving experience.

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