Disrupting Travel and Hospitality, One Connection at a Time [Upcoming Webinar]

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016 - 12:25

They say it’s the journey, not the destination, that counts. But what happens when something goes wrong? As someone who travels a lot for both work and pleasure, I’ve had my fair share of frustrating experiences. When a flight’s canceled, or a receptionist can’t find my reservation, or I just want a dinner recommendation in a new city, there’s one thing I need: a human being.

And I don’t want to have to make a phone call to find one. According to the numbers, I’m not alone. Approximately 270 billion customer service calls are handled a year, but 85% of them are put on hold, 67% hang up, and 48% of those that do go through still feel unhelped. Where’s the actual service?

There’s a clear divide between the brand and consumer mindset. While brands are still dabbling with “omnichannel” communications — juggling conversations from social to email to the phone — “omnichannel” is a broken method, because customers have a laser-focused vision on mobile messaging. We’re way past the mobile tipping point. If your customer service isn’t ready, you’re not meeting your customers’ expectations. They’ll go elsewhere — and they won’t have to go far.

In 2016, we take for granted that everything is on demand, at our fingertips, no matter where we are. Our expectations of brands are no different.

The travel and hospitality industry is prime for mobile adoption. Think about it. It’s an industry dependent on the customer experience, and it should prioritize that experience from beginning to end of the customer journey: from the start of the research process, through booking a trip, at all touch points during vacation, and, finally, when following up and collecting feedback. Some brands in this vertical are eager to put mobile to use...while others seem a bit jetlagged.

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How brands can accompany guests every step of the way.

Customers are more empowered than ever to research, book, and review hotel rooms, flights, vacation packages, and more. When the customer experience heads south, they also have unprecedented power to broadcast it to the world via the social megaphone.

While airlines can’t fix a weather delay and hotels can’t magically add rooms when they're out of vacancy, there’s one thing they could do to improve the customer experience every time — and that’s using mobile messaging as their #1 way to communicate. It doesn’t matter if someone’s a high roller or a thrifty traveler; they all want good value while feeling like a VIP. Mobile lends the opportunity to redefine the concierge experience and make it more accessible than ever — right in the consumer’s pocket.

Plus, it just adds up. Brands save 23% using messaging while doubling lifetime value growth. And digital tools help agents and managers self-monitor their performance and adjust offers based on customer feedback...improving customer satisfaction and causing conversion rates and order values to skyrocket.

Next week, I’m presenting “The Concierge in Your Pocket: Showcasing Disney's Mobile & Digital Connected Experience” as a follow-up webinar to my discussion at the Digital Travel Summit. Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn.

Join me on May 24th at 11am EST and find out how to:

  • Enable mobile adoption, customer mobility, and messaging — total game-changers in the ways customers browse, buy, and connect.
  • Create a mobile-driven, consumer-centric experience, simplifying the most common journeys in travel and hospitality.
  • Scale your team on the front lines to connect with more guests more efficiently and give them the VIP experience without increasing labor or costs.

Offering next-level customer experience is as simple as putting your smartphone to use. Explore all the ways mobile messaging will improve the way you connect, turning customers into happier travelers, enthusiastic brand advocates, and returning guests.

Click here to register for the webinar on May 24th at 11am EST. For a head start, check out our infographic on the new age of travel and hospitality.  

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