Does Your Business’ Selfie Need a Makeover? [Quiz]

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Valerie-Ann Leary
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - 10:11

You’ve done it.  Once.  Maybe twice.  A few of us will do it every week or even every day. Others, like me, may have done it a few times, but only shamefully in secret. Admit it… it’s ok, we’re all friends here. Of course we’re talking about taking a ‘selfie.’

Why do people take selfies? People like to have total control over their personal image on social. And, with access to an abundance of free photo editing tools, you have the power to set the tone and mold your identify. It's the perfect place to discover yourself, and put your best foot forward. But, in doing so, you might even realize those characteristics you'd like to tweak.

(Arguably the most famous selfie ever taken at this year’s Oscar awards. Image: Bradley Cooper)

Far from being narcissistic, a selfie can give you an honest look at your strengths, as well as your weaknesses. From The Social Psychology of the Selfie, “'Self-image is important, and not always in a narcissistic way. It's how we define ourselves, and present for others to see. We rely on others' perceptions, judgments and appraisals to develop our social self.”

This got me thinking about another kind of selfie: the kind of selfie I would call a “business selfie,” as opposed to a personal selfie. If you were to post the ideal selfie of your customer engagement strategies, what would it look like? Would you have to frame it just right, or does it stand alone without a filter? Is this the type of selfie you would proudly display to your entire network?

Consumers today are educated, connected and empowered. That’s why your business needs to be accessible in real time across a variety of touch points. But how are your business strategies in digital marketing, sales and service looking against consumer demands?  How could you improve it?  Would you be proud of your selfie or would you be embarrassed to post it publicly?

Take this fun, quick, ten-question assessment to see if your company’s strategies are worth bragging about (or if you need a makeover).  At the end of the questions we’ll reveal to you what your digital engagement selfie looks like—hopefully it will be one you will proudly share with your social world!





So, how did you do? Share your results in the comments below!

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