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Alon Waks
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Wednesday, May 13, 2015 - 16:32

Today's consumers are always on and expect immediate access to answers and information no matter where they are. But not all brands can deliver on this expectation. And a disappointed consumer can ensure a brand's downfall.

On the other hand, what do America’s favorite brands — think Amazon, Google, Macy’s, Airbnb, etc. — have in common? They’re on the cutting edge when it comes to a good customer experience.

A new survey from Forrester has proven that digital transformation is key to success. In a study commissioned by LivePerson, Forrester found a link between digital maturity and a “company’s ability to maintain a market leadership position.”

Forrester’s findings also uncover five key trends around consumer engagement. For more, we’re hosting the live webinar Don’t Miss the Bus: Online & Mobile Engagement Puts You Back In The Driver’s Seat on Tuesday, May 19 at 11am EST. Join me and Todd Kozan, principal consultant at Forrester, as we discuss how companies can actively innovate and differentiate through online and mobile engagement.  

Interested? Read on for more about the live event.

What to expect

In January of this year, LivePerson commissioned Forrester to evaluate where businesses were in terms of their adoption of digital tools and the impact this had on their business. To do so, Forrester conducted an in-depth survey of 135 customer experience strategy decision makers at enterprises in the US, the UK, and Germany.

The results were clear: “All companies struggle to serve cross-channel customers.” And — considering the gap between consumer expectations and satisfaction — it’s not surprising that consumers have outpaced most companies when it comes to digital transformation. They aren’t looking for an 800 number when they need help; they are likely tweeting, messaging, or emailing your customer care professionals as they do with friends and family.  

If you’re having trouble keeping up, you’re not alone. Forrester found that “key challenges still exist” when it comes to digital maturity.  

Forrester also unveiled five key findings in digital customer engagement. During the webinar, we will discuss all trends as well as actionable recommendations to evolve your internal digital maturity.  

Join the webinar and walk away with…

  1. A better understanding of the correlation between digital maturity and successful business outcomes.
  2. The status of your digital capabilities compared against those in the survey.
  3. Insight on organizing consumer engagement around a consumer’s journey, not your brand’s internal structure.
  4. Actionable ways to incorporate valuable consumer feedback — improving your products as well as your engagements.
  5. A more accurate gauge on how consistent, seamless, and intuitive the consumer experience is across mobile, online, and physical channels.

Register today!

The consumer has moved on. They crave a more personalized experience online. But most are just disappointed. In fact, “43% of consumers said that they have had unsatisfactory service interactions in the past 12 months, [and] 90% are frustrated by being put on hold…”

Join our webinar to catch up to your consumer. #consumercatchup


Speaker showcase

Check out our bios below. Please feel free to connect with us before the webinar.

Alon Waks (@AlonWaks), Global Head of Product Marketing at LivePerson

Alon leads the product marketing and Go-To-Market teams at LivePerson. His organization drives all messaging, positioning, and enablement as well as product/market launches and program management across the company. Alon has a rich background in IT consulting, business intelligence, and project management, working worldwide with enterprise customers’ line of business, IT, and marketing. Alon holds a dual degree from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from Duke University.

Todd Kozan, Principal Consultant, eBusiness & Channel Strategy at Forrester Research

Todd is a solutions-focused business leader with a strong background in strategic planning and program management across a variety of industries. Prior to joining Forrester, Todd worked as the director of program management at Sapient. He also held roles at IBM in the business consulting services and software group divisions. Prior to his corporate experience, he was a professional stage and screen actor. Todd graduated from the University of Calgary, Canada, and is also a graduate of the Institute for Advanced Theatre at Harvard University.

We hope you enjoy the live event!

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