eCommerce Leader Pushes Boundaries with High-Touch Engagement

Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 21:13

Here on the Connected Customer blog we talk a lot about the importance of providing your customers with truly excellent customer service through real-time human assistance, personalization and multi-channel strategies. It’s always exciting when we see online and offline retailers invest in new ways that push customer service boundaries even higher. For example, today we were really excited to see news about Amazon’s new feature in their latest Kindle Fire: the Mayday Button. Even more interesting is that it seems that more and more top digital brands like Amazon are looking to differentiate their brand through innovative, meaningful service, not just exceptional product. “Mayday” is actually being featured in headlines everywhere!

The Mayday Button provides customers with real-time assistance within 15 seconds or less, right in the device. Impressive! Agents will be able to help customers navigate their kindle device through rich media tools such as video chat and screen-sharing, providing a truly “high touch” experience, and eliminating any confusion customers might have in understanding how the tablet works. And, to Amazon’s benefit, this will presumably help them make more purchases with their Amazon accounts. I speculate that Amazon might even be able to turn this into a direct ROI opportunity by upselling customers to Amazon Prime (or the new Amazon Fresh).

Amazon has always been the one to beat when it comes to investing in powerful digital assets, and a rock solid “self-service” strategy. But now it seems that the narrative is rapidly changing, as more digital brands are recognizing how critical it is to implement a live digital engagement strategy in order to win and satisfy customers while staying ahead of the game. See the Mayday Button featured in this Amazon commercial:

Just last week we highlighted a blog post here on the Connected Customer on the role speed plays in customer satisfaction. Clearly, Amazon understands how critical “speed” is. They have one of the fastest loading websites, and now, they provide 15-second or less access to live assistance, directly from the product.

Coupled with quality site development, another critical factor to fast (and easy) customer experience is to provide real-time engagement at the moment of need. According to LivePerson’s global survey, 93% of shoppers see real-time help being beneficial during their online customer journey, whether it’s before, during or after their purchase process

-- Vikas Bhambri, How Much Does One Second Cost

Imagine a world where every product or service had a Mayday Button: your mobile phone, your oven or even your television; a world where engaging an expert is simply a click away. We are coming to a point where customers expect to find live help wherever they are accessing a product or service.  Having easily accessible real-time assistance will soon be the standard, not the exception...that is, if it isn't already.

What are other leading brands that truly “get” customer engagement?

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