Employee Spotlight: A Decade of Helping an Industry and Company Transform

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Hollie Ellison
Senior Marketing Manager, Events
Monday, June 20, 2016 - 12:35

As LivePerson enters its 21st year of incorporation, we love celebrating team members who have dedicated so much of their careers to helping us change an industry. Our head of online sales, Ben Karniel, recently achieved his 10-year milestone with the LivePerson family. To thank him for his decade with the company, LivePerson is sending him and his family on a vacation of their choice!

Around LivePerson’s office in Israel, he’s known as “Boss,” “Benjo,” or “That Guy Who Broke Records for His Online Sales Team This Year.” Whatever you call him, Ben is a certified rock star.

From a time when online chat was a radical concept for businesses up through today, when chat is a must-have for customer connection and retention, Ben’s been along for the ride — and excited to be part of the revolution. He says it’s the people, energy, technology, and innovation that have made these 10 — and counting! — years so meaningful.

Ben Karniel celebrates his 10-year anniversary with LivePerson in 2016.

From Josh Tenby, LivePerson director of growth and retention: “When I joined LivePerson more than six years ago, Ben was an online sales rep who gave me my first training sessions. Since then, I have seen Ben grow into a first-class team leader, who has the respect not only of his own team but of all those he works with, too. He’s always prepared to help with programs outside his scope and a great person to lean on when things don’t go so well. He's a true asset to the LivePerson family and someone I hope to work with for many more years!” 

Ben is in charge of online sales at LivePerson, which keeps him constantly connected. He’s an embodiment of our core value “help others,” as his favorite part of the job is jumping in to assist his team in solving potential customers’ customer service challenges. But that’s not even close to all he does for the company. A typical day for Ben is always “crazy,” he says. It might include selling LiveEngage, working on short- and long-term strategies as a part of the self-service leadership team, participating as an alpha tester for the product house, or  — most likely — all of the above.

While running a 24/7 team may seem like a full-time job to anyone else, Ben says his LivePerson career is just a cover: He’s actually an artist at heart! Ben paints — he’s even sold a few pieces — and he’s written two collections of short stories and a children’s book. You may ask when he ever gets the chance to sleep. To be honest, we’re not sure he does.

Ben, on vacation with his kid.“I’ve made great friends here throughout these 10 years — friends for life, including my employees, peers, and management,” Ben says. Over the next 10, he expects “to keep having fun coming to work every day. That’s priceless. In tough times or quiet times, it’s always fun and inspiring for me to work with the people around me. So 10 more years of that energy? Sold.”

We can’t wait to hear about your well-deserved family vacation, Ben! Thanks for being a dedicated member of LivePerson Nation. Here’s to many more years with the company.

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