Enhancing Connections Through Powerful APIs

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Ido Hacohen
LivePerson Contributor
Thursday, September 20, 2012 - 10:33

LivePerson customers are already getting the best of the breed when it comes to proactive engagement solutions. Whether it is chat, voice or dynamic content, we deliver the best solutions on a highly advanced platform. What makes LivePerson’s LiveEngage Platform stand out even more is the fact that it is an open platform where anybody who wants to enhance our solutions has the unique opportunity to do so. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are the doors that open up the platform and enable endless possibilities for all our customers.

We understand the power of the ecosystem that surrounds us.  This is why we invest in opening up our platform and enable the extension of our solutions by partners and customers through our APIs.

There are three main areas which we opened up:

1) The first API takes the chat to non-traditional environments and enables the enhancement of our engagement capabilities.
2) The second boosts visitor intelligence with additional data from 3rd party data sources.
3) Finally, our third API exposes our chat console functionality enabling solutions such as Virtual Agents.

Combined with our application plug-ins, businesses can develop customized solutions that meet their unique needs.

In addition to being able to customize their own solutions, LivePerson customers can also select from a menu of applications developed by our Ecosystem Solution Partners. Some examples of solutions provided by our valued Ecosystem Solution Partners:

  •     Enhanced intelligent targeting via integration with third party data providers and home grown systems
  •     Tools that further enhance agent effectiveness and collaboration
  •     Cross channel Interaction for channels like mobile, SMS, Twitter, Facebook
  •     Engagement beyond chat - video chat and or collaborative solutions

A great place to start learning about our partner solutions is on our Apps Marketplace. Customers interested in custom solutions should also visit our Developer Community to understand more about what’s under the hood. We made our developer tools available for no additional cost so anyone can get started with their own customizations right away.

We also feature our partners in regularly scheduled “Did You Know” free webinars. Join us on Thursday, September 20th at 11am EDT where I’ll talk more about the LiveEngage Platform and the APIs that can help you enhance your connections with your customer. To register simply click here:  Webinar: Enhancing Connections Through Powerful APIs

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