The Faces of #HoldNoMore: Behind the Movement

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Rita Romero
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Thursday, January 28, 2016 - 16:49

There are some adult to-dos we all dread. Like finding out why the cable bill mysteriously increased, changing a flight, dealing with taxes...the list goes on. And on. Hence the term “adulting” was born.

But what do all these “adulting” activities have in common? We still have to call a 1-800 number to handle them!

News flash: It’s the twenty-first century! Consumers can control their locks, thermostats, and light fixtures with mobile phones...but we still have to wait on hold for customer service?

We’re putting an end to this nonsense. Last year, LivePerson launched the #HoldNoMore movement to demand that companies offer an alternative to waiting on hold for help.

Hundreds of people have joined the movement, posting their #HoldFace to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Below are a few, some of whom you might recognize...

These faces say “no” to waiting on hold.

From Michael Brenner: “In 1967 they invented the 1-800 number, and since then Americans have wasted over 60 million hours on hold. That’s almost 100 lifetimes!”

Let me repeat: 100 lifetimes. Let’s see how industry influencer and even celebs feel about this.

1. Michael Brenner (@brennermichael)

Michael longs to end long wait times.

Michael asks, “Will this movement end long wait times and customer service nightmares?”




2. Bethenny Frankel (@Bethenny)

Bethenny Frankel

From @Bethenny: “On hold for 30 min and losing my mind! Get me thru this & show me ur #holdNOmore face.”



3. Naya Rivera Dorsey (@bossassnay)

Naya Rivera Dorsey

From @bossassnay: “On hold FOREVER. I'll be 29 by the time a rep gets on the phone! Post your #HoldNOmore face.”



4. Vinny Guadagnin (@VINNYGUADAGNINO)

Vinny Guadagnin

From @VINNYGUADAGNINO: “Being on hold feels like an ancient form of torture. I'm like, text me bro #HOLDNOMORE.”



5. Jen (@jenaviv19) from Octopost

Jen from Octopost

From @jenaviv19: “We all make faces when we have to wait on hold. What does your #holdface look like? #holdnomore



6. Michael Sheehan (@HighTechDad)

Michael Sheehan

From @HighTechDad:‘Your Call is Important to Us’ - Is It? Really? #HoldNoMore(In his blog, he highlights another important point, which is to be nice to the customer care professionals you encounter. They’ve got a tough and thankless job.)


7. Anna (@HaHasForHooHas)


From @Hahasforhoohas: “This is me when I'm put on hold. Coincidentally, it’s also my constipated face. #HOLDNOMORE Share your #HOLDFACE!” (Read her 10 phases of waiting on hold here.)



8. Heather Schisler (@passion4savings)

Heather Schisler

From @passion4savings: “Why is it kids make a MESS when I'm on hold Trying to make a Phone Call #holdnomore.”



9. James Parkley (@jnaris)

James Parkley

From @jnaris: “If You Hate Being Put on Hold, Post Your #HoldNoMore Face!” (James also wins cutest hold face!)




10. MarQuis Trill (@6BillionPeople)

 From @6BillionPeople: "Man, forget this. #HoldNoMore."





11. And, of course, LivePerson’s very own #HoldNoMore Harry (@Harry_Enhold). He’s been on hold since 1999!

#HoldNoMore Harry

Overall sentiment? Not good. It’s time that brands face the music and offer a more convenient alternative to the 1-800 number. Need help getting started? Check out LivePerson’s mobile messaging app. (It’s free!)

Join the movement! Show us how much you hate waiting on hold by posting your #HoldFace.

Already posted? Visit to report a brand, connect with others, and stay up-to-date on the latest buzz on the death of the 1-800 number.

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