Five Reasons Why Pay for Performance Works

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Mike Murphy
LivePerson Contributor
Friday, August 17, 2012 - 15:39

Once upon a time, we lived in a world full of uncertainty.  Is the hotel we booked in a nice area?  Is the pricing competitive? Is the mechanic down the street reputable? It’s obvious that the world has changed.

We’re seeing a number of disruptive business models that are shifting the power to consumers.  A new era of transparency and knowledge-sharing allows consumers to make better decisions about how to invest their resources.  In order to stay competitive, online businesses need to give consumers the best experience possible at every touchpoint.

At LivePerson, we asked the question: how can we be just as transparent with businesses as they aim to be with their consumers? Also, how do we help businesses better serve consumers through the power of technology? What tools can we provide businesses to help them maximize their resources? The answer is our Pay for Performance (PFP) program.

Five Reasons Why Pay for Performance Works:

1) Businesses only pay for the conversions delivered with the added bonus of achieving one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any human-assisted channel. All this, with minimal upfront costs.

2) It’s a turnkey solution. Our model provides the technology, certified agents, and program management expertise to deliver superior online customer engagement, seamlessly.

3) Your business and objectives comes first.  We take the time to learn your business and understand your customer lifecycle. We look at how our solutions align with your overall customer interaction strategy. This process allows us to create a tailored plan that ensures we’re executing your goals and driving maximum value to your business.

4) Our superior technology. The LivePerson platform is able to deliver the online experience most likely to satisfy each unique visitor, thereby driving incremental orders, revenue and customer satisfaction. How? With each action or inaction, website visitors provide clues about their true goals. Our Active Analytics tracks these clues, and applies a score to each behavior based on served historical patterns.

5) Our people make the difference.  We’re involved in every aspect of the onboarding process and can take the guesswork out of how to effectively interact, convert, and build long term relationships with your customers.

Learn more about LivePerson's Pay for Performance solution or reach out to us today for additional information.

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