The Future of Digital Engagement: 10 Thought Leaders Share Predictions for 2014 [Series]

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Anurag Wadehra
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - 10:47

Digital engagement is transforming customer service and elevating the expectations of online and cross-channel shoppers. LivePerson interviewed 10 digital engagement thought leaders to help us evaluate oncoming trends and predictions for the coming year.  This is the premier post from LivePerson’s Chief Marketing Officer, Anurag Wadehra, introducing our series featuring the future of digital engagement, with valuable insight from the experts.


As LivePerson’s chief marketing officer, I am commonly asked to share my point of view on the future of digital engagement—what does it look like, how do consumers want to engage, and how should we optimize the consumer’s experience to provide what they want, when and how they want it? These questions are top-of-mind because all of us are personally experiencing the shift in our online habits—as modern consumers, we expect more in terms of real time, live digital engagement.

Connecting with Customers

The future of digital engagement involves connecting with customers through a multitude of channels—from the web, to mobile, to social, to chat, to in stores.  With Google indicating that 90% of all media interactions are screen-based*, businesses are encouraged to amp up their digital customer service strategies to optimize sales and engagement. To reach today’s savvy consumer, brands are spending a lot of money on all sorts of experiments in the digital engagement landscape. These experiments span global advertising, display advertising, new technology, website conversions, and social selling.

Looking Ahead: Driving Value in Digital Engagement

Our view is that the next hot thing for 2014 will be the value we create with digital engagement. We believe that our biggest differentiator is our ability to deliver value through meaningful, intelligent engagement online—propelling our customers into a new age of digital ecommerce and customer service. The ability to demonstrate, capture, and report on value is an important priority for us.

What are others saying about the future of digital engagement?  What do thought leaders think will be the biggest and hottest trends in 2014? To gauge where others think digital engagement is heading, we recently partnered with Demand Gen Report and Retail TouchPoints to interview 10 of the top thought leaders across various areas of customer engagement, and asked them to share their predictions on digital engagement for 2014 and beyond.

Here is sampling of what we unveiled:

  • Lee Odden predicts the next hot thing for keyword targeting.
  • Gary Schwartz tells us what mobile strategies will come to the forefront in 2014.
  • Shep Hyken reveals mobile and video trends brewing in B2B and B2C worlds.
  • Steven Dennis shares emerging customer engagement strategies in 2014.

Interested in more on the future of digital engagement?

Download the full ebook, The Future of Digital Engagement: 10 Thought Leaders Share Predictions for 2014, for game-changing trends and predictions from the ten of the most interesting thought leaders in the Digital Engagement space.

* Google, The New Multi-Screen World Study

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