The Future of Digital Engagement: Jeanne Bliss on Social Conversations that Provide Insight into the Customer Experience

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Jeanne Bliss
President of CustomerBLISS
Thursday, January 2, 2014 - 13:47

Digital engagement is transforming customer experience, and elevating the expectations of online and cross-channel shoppers. LivePerson interviewed 10 respected industry experts to help evaluate trends and predictions for the coming year. This is the final post in our series, spotlighting insight from Jeanne Bliss (@JeanneBliss), President of CustomerBLISS, on social media as a critical piece of the customer experience.

Social networks have given customers an impactful voice to share brand opinions and experiences with friends, family and others in their extended communities.  About 84% of consumers say they trust word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends, according to Nielsen research.

When LivePerson asked for my insight on the future of digital engagement, I felt it was important to highlight social media’s increasingly important role in customer engagement. Thanks to social media, customers now have the world’s biggest megaphone in their hands. They can go to hundreds—or even thousands—of sites to talk about their experiences.

Social Media’s Impact on Businesses

Social Media Today reported, “85% of your business could be lost due to poor customer service.” As more and more customers expect real-time assistance online, more businesses are realizing the importance of high-touch customer service.

Traditional methods of customer service are being replaced by the ability to connect on social media. Historically, retailers relied on consumer surveys to measure performance, and these surveys did not include questions that spanned the entire customer journey. Social media enables open-ended, two-way communications through which customers can provide feedback throughout the entire customer experience.

By connecting with customers on social networks, brands have the opportunity to gauge performance, offer real-time assistance, and to nurture an engaged community of followers. It’s the perfect place to build customer loyalty and showcase brand expertise.

Looking Ahead to 2014

Most businesses have yet to realize the lasting impact that social media can have on brand image and success.  Businesses are still learning how to manage their social communities, and engage those customers online. Soon, businesses will see social media as an opportunity to dig deep into their organizations and improve their customer experiences.

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