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Erin Kang
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014 - 09:35

Maybe money can’t buy you love, but it sure doesn’t stop us from trying!  Last year, it was estimated that the total spending for Valentine’s Day was $18.6 billion (CNN). Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for a lot of people (and for others, not) but it’s undeniable that for retailers this day can bring in some serious business.

Some more fun statistics on 2013 Valentine’s spending (Source: Rakuten infographic)

  • In Asia, on average $274 was spent per person for Valentine’s day, and $126 per person in the U.S. 
  • 220,000 in the U.S. were planning to pop the question on V-day
  •  Americans spent over $300 million on their pets in honor of Valentine’s Day

Not only are consumers making big purchases, some are making major life decisions during this season. It’s especially true that when consumers are making these kinds of purchases that they need personalized assistance, advice, and assurance -- they want to be engaged by your brand. How can you make sure your clients are getting the “Tiffany’s” experience when they’re on your website?  Retailers need to be able to engage these high-value customers and provide them with the white glove treatment to help them make a confident and successful gift purchase.

3 Quick Tips to Engage your High-Value Customers

1) Know When to Engage

Nothing is more annoying than a store rep breathing down your neck the minute you walk into a store, especially if you’re a hesitant first time buyer. And on the contrary, when you do have a question on a very important purchase, you shouldn’t have to wait or chase down a rep for assistance.

Just as it is important to read your customer’s body language in-store, it’s critical to know when to best engage your high-value customers on your website. Chances are, if you see a visitor hovering on any jewelry pages during this time of year, they likely are contemplating a big decision and would welcome human assistance.

Other easy cues include:

  • Someone toggling between two pages
  • Someone who’s added an item to their cart but are idle
  • Someone who is on the Contact us webpage

All of the above behaviors indicate that a customer has a question and needs human assistance. By offering help at the right time, customers feel valued and get the help they need to complete their purchase.

2) Provide Rich Engagement Options

Some customers offer a high potential to become loyal, lifetime customers-- especially those making big purchases with your brand. As loyalty becomes rarer among consumers, brands need to consider investing in innovative,  higher-touch strategies for their high value customers. How can you create a white-glove experience online, especially one that competes with the in-store experience?

Live chat is one effective way to bring a human touch to the digital channel. With real-time data and insights at the agent’s disposal, brands can offer more personalized, and efficient advice and assistance exactly in the moment of need. Today, leading  brands are upping the ante and offering even more innovative options, by delivering video content or even engaging in live video chat with online customers.

For Valentine’s day, consider creating fun videos displaying popular products. Short and sweet videos discussing ring cuts, sizes, or models displaying 360 views of jewelry can go a long way in helping customers make the right decision. Today, brands can deliver this content right to the customer during a chat discussion with sophisticated engagement technology to help enhance a conversation.  

3) Engage Everywhere

Last year,  40.7% of people made their Valentine’s Day purchases from their smartphones (Source: B2CCommunity).  For these cupids on the go, make sure your mobile site or app is optimized for Valentine’s Day shopping. Curate your home page with the most popular gift items, as well as answers to frequently asked questions such as shipping costs and estimated delivery times. 

Also, by offering live assistance options on your mobile site or app, you can provide customers with a seamless way to get support. While mobile traffic is growing exponentially, bounce rates are still at an all time high, which means engaging your customers via mobile needs to be a priority for brands. By offering click-to-chat options on mobile, customers can enjoy many benefits:

  • Get quick answers to questions without having to leave the mobile app or site
  • Save the chat conversation so they remember exactly which product they were discussing
  • Get “smart” advice from mobile chat agents who can leverage geolocation to point you to nearest stores, or suggest local offers and deals

V-day is just around the corner but it’s never too late to think about your digital engagement strategy-- a recent Facebook poll indicates that 31% of men purchase their gifts the day of Valentine’s!  And remember that even beyond Valentine’s Day,  every visitor has the potential to fall in love with your brand, and become a lifetime customer.

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