Gone in 76 Seconds – The Window of Customer Loyalty

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Erin Kang
LivePerson Contributor
Tuesday, November 19, 2013 - 12:00

This week, LivePerson announced the results of its second annual “Connecting with Customers” research, a comprehensive look at the online trends and consumer behaviors that are shaping today’s digital experiences and driving consumer expectations. 

Today’s savvy consumers want access to information and support instantly, and if they don’t find what they need quickly, they will look for it somewhere else. Our study tells us that, on average, consumers won’t wait more than 76 seconds if they need help during their online journey. If consumers don’t get what they need quickly, chances are you’ve lost them. This simple fact underscores just how critical it is to understand consumer intent the moment they arrive at your site, and engage them in the right way at the right time, to help them successfully reach their goal.

We saw four primary themes emerge from the research:

1) There Is Still Room for Improvement

Brands today cannot afford to deliver only the basics when it comes to the online experience. Consumers are quick to look elsewhere when they feel their expectations are not being met. The research indicates that 49% of consumers continue to find websites difficult to navigate, with 33% struggling to seek help or locate customer service.

2)  Brand Trust and Loyalty

Despite living in a digital world where our needs are just a click away, survey results show that there’s no substitute for the human touch. Our digital experiences provide brands with the opportunity to connect and engage consumers in a meaningful way, thereby building trust and loyalty. 78% of consumers agree that they are more likely to be loyal to a company that provides real time, one-to-one support at critical moments during their digital journey.

3)  Speed and Efficiency

It’s no surprise that consumers want to reach their goal online in the fastest and most convenient way possible. The window of expectation for timely assistance is only growing narrower, making it essential to have the right engagement strategy in place, and ready the moment a consumer arrives to your site. 73% of consumers stated speed and efficiency was the number one factor in creating a great online experience.

4)  High Impact Moments

While consumers are growing increasingly adept and self-sufficient online, identifying the key moments where they may require additional support during their digital journey is essential, and can mean the difference between winning a customer or losing a sale. The actual moment of purchase is another high impact moment with 35% of respondents saying that they need help or support at this stage.

Tools like live chat or video chat allow us to provide live, human assistance during the moments that matter most in the customer journey. Live digital engagement is about reminding consumers that brands are there for them throughout the entire customer journey, no matter how big or small their problem or need for engagement may be.

Download our report today to gain full access to the results from our Connecting with Customers Research:



6,054 online interviews were conducted with adults aged 18-64 who make an online purchase at least once a month. Interviews were carried out across UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, USA and Australia during September 2013. Research was conducted by Loudhouse, an independent research agency based in London.

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