Help a Member of the LivePerson Aspire Community Transform Lives

Posted by
Hollie Ellison
Senior Marketing Manager, Events
Friday, March 22, 2013 - 13:02

Our speakers at Aspire, LivePerson’s annual customer event, are not just leaders in online customer engagement. We also feature speakers who are using human connection to change the world. One such connector at Aspire USA 2012 was Dr. Larry Coben, Founder and Executive Director of The Sustainable Preservation Initiative, who enlightened our customers with ideas about the role connection plays in creating sustainable economic opportunities that help preserve our past and environment.

Dr. Coben and his Initiative are currently in the final drive of their People Not Stones 2013 crowd funding campaign, which has the goal to create transformative opportunities for local residents of Chotuna and Bandurria,  Peru  while saving invaluable archaeological sites for future generations to study and enjoy.

The campaign has already reached $40,000, and with just one week to go have $10,000 more to raise. Click here to contribute to their campaign!  Due to the generosity of one contributor, all donations will be matched 100%. No matter how modest a sum, every cent will help create a sustainable future for these impoverished communities and these endangered sites.

Who is changing the world through connection at this year’s Aspire? Registration for Aspire APAC in Melbourne and Aspire EMEA in London is now open. Visit the Aspire USA, October 2013 to stay on top of event news.

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