LivePerson Celebrates Small Businesses during #SBW2014

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 16:00

Did you know that over half of Americans either work for or own a small business? Two out of every three jobs created in the US every year are thanks to small businesses.  At LivePerson, thousands of small businesses around the world play a critical part of our success. These unique entrepreneurs are at the forefront of the digital market and lead with creativity and ingenuity.

Since 1963 small businesses, and the leaders who run them, are celebrated during Small Business Week (#SBW2014) hosted by U.S. Small Business Administration and a collection of event co-hosts including Chase, Microsoft, Twitter, Visa and many more. One of the initiatives of this event is to encourage consumers to choose small business – whether it be your local neighborhood shops, or small internet-based businesses. Small businesses are extremely important to our economy and making sure they stay afloat should be a goal for every consmer. I'd love to hear about a new small business you did business with recently. How did it compare to your experience shopping with larger retailers?

Small Business Week 2014 has a special focus:

This is also a week – with events at Twitter and Microsoft – to reflect on the transformative impact of technology in speeding the growth of our small businesses. Throughout most of American history, it has been companies like Xerox, GM and DuPont that served as our laboratories for innovation. They invented game-changing technologies like the computer mouse and Teflon, but now small businesses have taken the lead, outpacing the innovation rate of larger firms.

In 2014, small firms can reach customers with one smart click of a mouse. They can analyze data faster, conduct national recruiting searches from their laptop, and communicate with potential customers halfway around the world.  --- The White House Blog

At LivePerson, we are proud to help business owners, both large and small, meet and exceed their goals. In honor of Small Business week, we want to thank the many business owners who choose to make us a part of their operations. Being even a small part of your sucess is very rewarding to our entire team.

Part of Your Success

See what a few of our Small Business customers have to say about the role LivePerson plays in their success:

Within weeks of launch, Live Chat had become a central part of our customer care mix. The customers love using it, as they can get the information they want conveniently and promptly. The agents love it because it allows them to get the issue resolved on that first contact more often and in a more interactive and time effective manner than email. 
– Julian Sammon, E-commerce and Brand Protection Executive, Slendertone

Visitors who participate in live chat with us are twice as likely to convert as those who do not— and this is a program we’re still refining.
– Emily Emmer, Optimization Marketing Manager, Extra Space Storage

Over the past two years, average order values have grown by about 25 percent on the virtual office solutions side, and almost 40 percent on the Davinci Meeting Rooms side. Live chat is a key factor in these results.
– Martin Senn, Chief Operations Officer,  Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

LivePerson has been working hard to bring you a practical and fresh way to optimize your online presence. We invite you to visit our Small Business Community in order to connect with LivePerson experts, collaborate with fellow Small Business owners, and enjoy free webinars and relevant content on how to optimize your digital engagement strategy.

We’re ready to connect with you!

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