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Barry Lamm
Director, Partner Success
Monday, July 9, 2012 - 10:51

The winners of the 2012 LivePerson Customer Hero Awards were recognized and celebrated at Aspire on June 14. These awards reflect LivePerson's core values and mission of Helping Others, Being an Owner, and Creating Meaningful Connections.  



Winner: Illinois Legal Aid

Their use of chat in the spirit of altruism and easier access to assistance for all their constituents is the reason they are being recognized as the recipient of our “Connection Award.”  The meaningful connections created between the organization and those they service literally change lives, and LivePerson is proud to provide the platform for these connections. 


Winner: Bruce Henninger,  Berkeley College

This award recognizes an individual that embraces LivePerson’s technology to personally  and meaningfully serve end-users.  Bruce Henninger of Berkeley College is a representative who has been with his Enrollment Services  department for 12 years and has won 3 customer service awards.  His transcripts and satisfaction survey results continue to create a model for his team.

LaKreisha Jean, accepting on Bruce’s behalf



Winner: SAS

SAS took true ownership of their LivePerson program by optimizing their communications practices and leveraging analytics to achieve stellar results in customer engagement. For their game-changing efforts, they achieved a 90% Customer Satisfaction Rating, a 13% chat to lead conversion rate, and a 30% lead to sales opportunity conversion rate!


Winner: AT&T Mobility

AT&T Mobility has been at the forefront of “everywhere connections”  with the deployment of their mobile chat offering.  They have demonstrated true leadership and innovation in their approach to connecting with their customers, wherever they want to connect.   Their beautifully designed and effective mobile application from which customers can access the chat center agents via their mobile devices have made them a stand out LivePerson partner.


Winner: SAP

SAP rose to the challenge of leveraging Voice of the Customer data to discover critical opportunities in their engagement program. Using Insights, SAP was able to effectively listen and respond to the voice of the customer, identify areas of opportunity in generating leads and conversions, and make changes to their program and effectively measure the impact of those changes.

Congratulations to all of our winners! 
As our customers continue to amaze us with their innovative use of LivePerson solutions and push us to create even more extraordinary ways to engage with customers, we can’t even begin to imagine what the next year has in store!

Wondering why our winners received drums?  
Music represents a powerful form of human communication and connection. By fostering meaningful human connection, we build stronger businesses and stronger communities. At Aspire we connected through music, with each attendee participating in a collaborative drum circle led by West African drummers. It was an exhilarating, memorable experience!

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