LivePerson in the News: 20 Years, a #HoldNoMore Future, and the Next Silicon Valley Frontier

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Monday, November 16, 2015 - 11:06

The past month has been a whirlwind at LivePerson as we celebrated a major milestone with the company’s twentieth anniversary. It’s natural for our team to look back at company history, accomplishments, failures, and lessons learned, and, in true LivePerson-style, to look forward to what’s next — for our company, the industry, brands, and consumers.

Read on for some of LivePerson’s latest headlines, including how we celebrated 20 years and what we look forward to in the future of connections.  

LivePerson “rings in” 20 years and a #HoldNoMore future

In case you missed it, LivePerson celebrated its 20-year anniversary and our vision for the future of connections in a #HoldNoMore economy.

On October 20, employees, family, shareholders, and customers gathered to support our CEO, Rob LoCascio, as LivePerson rang the NASDAQ opening bell. Fifteen years ago, Rob was there opening up the market with the company’s IPO. As he put it, “After 20 years, finally, we’re coming to a place where we’re going to be able to get rid of the 1-800 number and all the pain that we go through.”

Rob signed off with a special reflection on NASDAQ: “To me, you are still the grandest and most beautiful stadium ever built for businesses — a place where the best come to play. On your bell-ringing, exuberant opening days, and on the days when we make no gains, we watch ourselves be born and, in some cases, die here. What you give us — those who have the privilege — is the ability to take our youthful dreams and unveil them from mystery and make them a wondrous reality. And I thank you for that.”

Rob joined Small Cap Nation for an interview about LivePerson’s mission to end the 1-800 number and waiting on hold. Rob also shared his advice for up-and-coming tech start-ups on what it takes to make it. In summary: “Never quit…Stay with it, hold on, and see what’s on the other side.”

For more on slaying the 1-800 number, see additional LivePerson coverage from Bloomberg and BizJournals. And, to join the movement, visit

What’s your mobile aspiration?

It’s a question we continue to ask consumers and brands alike. And it was the hot topic at this year’s Aspire conference.

As if ringing in the company milestone with an opening stock market bell wasn’t enough, LivePerson hosted our annual Aspire event the next day, October 21, where hundreds of industry peers and customers gathered to talk about the future of connection.

#HoldNoMore at Aspire 2015

Adam Blair (@adamblair29) of Retail TouchPoints was in attendance and shared his thoughts in an article titled “My Smartphone, Myself.”

He recapped an opening connection exercise, where attendees were asked, "What would you do if you were given a two-month 'break' from your life, with no responsibilities, and money was no object?" Vacation? Work on a personal business venture? Learn a new language by immersing yourself in the culture? As it turns out, two months is approximately how long the average consumer spends on hold throughout a lifetime.

Where do smartphones fit into the mix? Blair also quoted Rob:  "People talk about multiple touchpoints along the shopper journey, but in reality there's only one touchpoint — the phone." If consumers use our most preferred means of communications, messaging, to engage brands, we’ll be that much closer to the future of brand-to-consumer connection.

Eyes west: the new frontier for tech start-ups and giants

Will Hudson Yards Become the New Silicon Valley West?” That’s what New York Business Journal reporter Michael del Castillo (@DelRayMan) asks in his November article that covers the latest, 28-acre, 17.5-million square-foot real estate project aimed at tech start-ups and giants.

As one of the first tech companies to move to the area, LivePerson holds two leases adjacent to the Hudson Yard project. LivePerson’s own chief of people, Kristy Sundaja, was the former head of industry transformation at the Economic Development Corporation for New York City. In that role, Kristy and her team developed a future plan for the city’s tech and media sectors, including projects like this.

“When we look at expansion plans we don’t look at one year, we look at three years and beyond,” Kristy said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the giants are already looking at the space.”

Lupe Fiasco bets on Brownsville, Brooklyn

Lastly, Fast Company gives us this inspiring piece on Rob’s venture, the Dream Big Foundation. The foundation connects local entrepreneurs in an underserved  community with the funding they need to make their dreams a reality.

Flash back to 2014, award-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco met an angel investor, Di-Ann Eisnor, and, according to Lupe, “hit it off.” They started their own fund with millions of dollars and an idea to venture into underserved, ungentrified neighborhoods and give its residents the chance to pitch their business ideas for the money. Aligning with Dream Big was a natural fit, as Eisnor says, “We met the Dream Big team at 3 p.m. one day, and, by 7 a.m. the next morning, we had a partnership in place. It was clear we were aligned in the speed and scope of entrepreneurship in Brownsville.”

Read more about what makes these efforts so unique at Fast Company. And stay tuned to find out what happened when the investors were pitched at Brownsville last Friday!

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