LivePerson in the News: The Countdown to Aspire 2015

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Valerie-Ann Leary
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Monday, October 19, 2015 - 10:43

It’s official: We’re only two days away from the 2015 Aspire experience!

In case this is the first you’ve heard about the event, Aspire is the LivePerson-hosted, all-day conference for executives, e-commerce experts, service leaders, call center managers, and anyone else looking to create more meaningful connections with consumers.

We’re proud of Aspire for many reasons, but the biggest is that the event embodies the culture and vision at LivePerson. We don’t stick attendees in a ballroom to be lectured, and we don’t let them trudge silently through sessions. At Aspire, we champion the power of groupthink in small workshops, 1:1 sessions, and connection exercises.  

How did we get there? Our CEO, Rob LoCascio, shares how he reinvented the idea of a traditional conference in his latest Inc. (@Inc) column. And, proof that our culture of connections might be working, check out our latest recognitions from The Muse (@dailymuse), Crain’s New York Business (@CrainsNewYork), and Gotham Magazine (@GothamMag).   

Hosting the “un-conference” of the year

In Rob’s words, “It's in our power and our duty as business leaders to reimagine the conference.”

After hosting Aspire for three years, Rob decided to try a new approach. In his Inc. piece, he calls out five factors to rethink — for any conference, regardless of your industry. These include:

  1. Space: Ditch the ballroom and “PowerPoint-based torture.” Explore museums, lofts, and warehouses.
  2. Connections: Make Q&As socially acceptable at any point during a session. Create conversations — not one-way lectures.
  3. Movement: Offer activities in tandem with discussions. This sparks productivity and better memory function.
  4. Speakers: Consider cutting back on the number of main-stage speakers (i.e., the excuse to stare off aimlessly).
  5. Chaos: Give attendees the autonomy to shape their days with more free time and activities to opt into. Attendees and media members can even schedule individual sessions with our internal product experts.

At Aspire, we want to challenge industry norms — with our “un-conference” style and in driving the latest innovations in customer experience and messaging.

See the full article via Inc.

Live and breathe a culture of connection

LivePerson is all about connections — and not the surface-level kind. We embody real, meaningful relationships in everything we do (beyond brand-to-consumer messaging)...from onboarding new employees to our open-office workspaces.

Looks like we’re doing something right. The Muse named us among the “11 Companies We Guarantee You’ll Love,” and Gotham Magazine listed LivePerson as one of the “6 New York Offices You’d Actually Want to Come to on Mondays.”

From The Muse’s rave review: “The company is not only focused on its customer satisfaction, but also its employees’ happiness and career development. For example, LivePerson’s Inspire conference: two days of team bonding, discussion, and — get this — drinking wine and painting.”

The icing on the cake? LivePerson made Crain’s 2015 list of best places to work.

I admit to personal bias, but it’s more than just cool office space and fun connection exercises. We’ve become a real-time leader in customer engagement technology, because of the innovative minds here and practices of a connected team and culture.

Start thinking outside your cubicle, and check out our careers page for more information.

Media members: Make the most of Aspire

Get a new industry perspective from speakers at this year’s un-conference, Aspire. And — an insider tip — Rob will ring the NASDAQ opening bell pre-Aspire in honor of LivePerson’s twentieth anniversary.  

See the full event agenda for all topics to be discussed and connect with my colleague Rita Romero for further press information or interview requests.

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