LivePerson in the news: the death of websites, women in tech, and bots for banks

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Andrea Fjeld
Content Producer
Friday, March 23, 2018 - 12:32

There’s been a lot of buzz around bots, AI, and messaging lately. Here’s a roundup of recent press from LivePerson about conversational commerce, the technology industry’s gender gap, and how major banks are deploying bots.

Conversational commerce could spell death of websites

On Wednesday, LivePerson global head of conversational strategy Rurik Bradbury spoke with Bloomberg Asia on the death of the website and how major brands have already started placing big bets on conversational commerce. Listen here.

People were asked to name women tech leaders. They said “Alexa” and “Siri”

In response to our survey on gender and AI, Fast Company expounded on the data collected and Americans’ inability to correctly name a women leader in the tech industry. Read it here.

Read more about this issue on Moneyish, CIO, The Telegraph, and Sanvada.

Liberty Global project says telcos might have got the customer service memo

LivePerson is helping the telecommunications industry offer better customer service. Our customer Liberty Global is moving to messaging and conversational commerce to reach consumers in a more natural, convenient way. See what this means.

For more, read about it on FierceCable or check out the press release.

Bank of America launches Erica chatbot

It may surprise you to hear that banks are ahead of the curve in terms of bot adoption. Bankrate dives into how some of the world’s largest, most innovative banks are doing just that — including LivePerson customer buddybank: the world’s first truly conversational bank. Read more here.

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