LivePerson in the News: Move Over, 1-800 Number! Messaging Is Coming

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Friday, February 12, 2016 - 12:12

Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work to slay the 1-800 number, turn brands and customers on to messaging, and create more meaningful connections between them. From Facebook to Citibank, we’re seeing more and more leaders validating our vision for the next generation of customer service.

Read on for some of LivePerson’s most-recent headlines, including how we’re riding the mobile wave right into consumer’s pockets.

Calling it quits with the 1-800 number.

In case you missed it, LivePerson is fueling the death of the 1-800 number. At the front of the movement is our CEO, Rob LoCascio.

LoCascio was profiled in the Disrupter column of Inc Magazine, where he shares his thoughts on why letting go of the phone shouldn’t be a hard call. Just check the facts:

  • 85% of callers are put on hold.
  • 48% feel unhelped.
  • 67% hang up.
  • 49% would rather text than call a person.

LoCascio realizes the customer service world is changing and believes a shift away from voice is for the good. “When you're on a website, picking up the phone to make a call is a very disconnected experience. Back in the late '90s, you had to log off because of dial-up internet. Even today, 90% of interactions come through voice. A credit card or any bill has an 800 number to call. That equates to 270 billion phone calls every year. It dwarfs the number of web interactions. That is changing.”

This isn’t just an issue for U.S. consumers either. LivePerson’s mission to slay the 800# is reaching as far as Australia! To join the movement, visit

Messaging apps grow customer service opportunities.

Messaging apps are everywhere. Just ask the 1.4 billion consumers who used them in 2015. The benefit isn’t just for consumers, though. Small business can improve customer service, boost customer acquisition, and compete with big-name brands using the personal power of messaging.

Tom Byun, general manager and SVP at LivePerson, shared his thoughts on what messaging can do for small businesses. “Messaging tools that allow for direct communication are evening the playing field between local shops and big-brand retailers in the game of customer service. Trying to contact a brand through a call center can be alienating and frustrating, but messaging tools that allow you to take inquiries directly from customers will make them feel connected and valued. It’s a great opportunity to showcase that personalized service that small businesses are known for.”

Brands — big and small — that move faster and fulfill the needs of consumers more efficiently will win in the messaging game. The opportunities to connect with consumers and establish relationships are endless. But you’ve got to message up and find the right balance of frequency, context, and personalization to get engagement right.

For more coverage of Tom’s take on messaging for business, check out his article on The GoDaddy Garage.

Messaging shows Citibank the money.

Citi knows every chat with a consumer counts. That’s why it’s using LivePerson to give consumers a smoother experience and building its messaging footprint internationally.

Because consumers are used to quick and intuitive e-commerce transactions, they want this same seamless experience from their banks, too. So, Citi is giving consumers what they want: a seamless, real-time, responsive online experience.

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Sadly, a new study finds only 23% of consumers are content with their bank. Citigroup is making great strides with messaging, leading the charge as many financial institutions play catch-up.

Omnichannel is so last year.

What does “omnichannel” mean to consumers? Nothing, if you ask us. We know if you want be taken seriously, you need to stop talking about omnichannel and start talking about mobile. The bottom line: Omnichannel is out, and mobile is in.

LoCascio knows mobile is the channel ruling all others in 2016 and explains his anti-omni stance in his latest column for Inc. “Mobile has become the lifeline of consumers worldwide, meaning brands can no longer ignore or treat it as a ‘nice-to-have’ part of their strategies. We will see significant investment in enterprise-wide infrastructure that values mobile as the primary medium for customer service, not just another channel.”

Mobile is a new opportunity for brands to establish more meaningful connections with consumers and add value to their lives. Mobile is no longer an optional component — it’s a must-have.

Big things are happening at LivePerson and we can’t wait to share some serious mobile news with you. It has us excited and thinking maybe, just maybe, Harry will get off hold this year.

We love where we work.

LivePerson was honored to be named as one of Crain’s Best Places to Work in NYC 2015. We work hard to make sure each and every one of us lives our core values every day, in every office around the world.

It feels good to be recognized for our company culture, unique work environment, and mission of creating meaningful connections. And Inspire, our onboarding program, was one of only eight finalists for the 2015 “Best Idea” award!

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