LivePerson in the News: On Open Offices, Better Meetings, & More Personal e-Commerce

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Rita Romero
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Thursday, July 23, 2015 - 18:22

I could never define my company in just one word. There are so many descriptors that come to mind — connected, innovative, tech-savvy, fun...

So much time, effort and grit has gone into creating and maintaining our culture, vision, and processes. So, what’s behind the glass doors at LivePerson? Big-name publications like Forbes, Fortune, and Inc. have some answers in our latest headline roundup.

We like our open office

We’ve heard a number of reasons why the open office can be problematic. And, when used incorrectly, it probably is. But at LivePerson it not only works, but it plays a big role in our culture, too.

In a recent article for Inc., our chief of staff, Kristy Sundjaja, lists five ways to make the open office benefit your business. “For LivePerson, having an open office is a physical expression of our mission of creating meaningful connections, as we found that hiding in offices and behind cubicle walls makes it infinitely harder to build relationships.”

There’s a secret sauce to our meetings

Time is always of the essence for business pros. Making each moment count often comes top of mind while sitting through yet another — dare we say the “m” word — meeting.  

There’s nothing worse than idling through a worthless meeting, devoid of value, engagement, and action. That’s why we have standards for every meeting we hold.

Check out Erin Kang’s article in Successful Meetings to see how to shift meeting productivity at your company.














Tip: Start on a human note, says Fortune. “That’s easy when your company is tiny but harder as you grow. So start meetings with icebreaker questions. Rob LoCascio, CEO of LivePerson, a New York City–based messaging technology firm that has grown to more than 1,000 people, opens gatherings by asking personal questions like, ‘What was a crossroads in your life?’ and, ‘What was one time you felt connected to a team?’”

We have underdog roots

Headquartered in New York City, LivePerson has offices around the globe in London, Amsterdam, Tokyo…the list goes on. Believe it or not, there was a time when our enterprise was on the brink of extinction after the dot-com crash. Our founder and CEO Rob LoCascio was resigned to couch surfing downtown. But he never gave up: He believed in our mission, and years later he’s a “long way from the couch in Tribeca.”

Want to know the story behind our story? Forbes zooms in on Rob’s journey in a profile series of thought leaders who changed the business landscape.

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