LivePerson Wins TSIA TechBEST “Best in Show” Award at Technology Services World Service Transformations 2013

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Amir Shub
LivePerson Contributor
Wednesday, October 30, 2013 - 14:32

The LivePerson team is delighted to be named the recipient of the prestigious Fall 2013 Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) TechBEST “Best in Show” Award. The company won the honor for our recent exhibition and presentation at the Technology Services World (TSW) 2013 Service Transformations conference in Las Vegas.  The TechBEST Awards recognize service technology providers in a few categories, including the Best in Show category, selected by conference attendees to recognize the organization that created the best experience in the TSW EXPO.

The Best in Show category was open to all exhibiting companies and was voted by conference attendees from their visitations to sponsor exhibit spaces in the TSW EXPO earlier this week. This Best in Show winner represents the “People's Choice” as best of the best in the event.

Barry Lamm Accepts the Best in Show Award on behalf of LivePerson

“The TechBEST Awards are the ‘voice’ of the TSIA global community and show recognition to technology companies and services firms that are able to effectively communicate their vision and business value to customers,” said John Ragsdale, vice president of technology and social research for TSIA. “The Best in Show award embodies this by asking attendees to vote for the best presentation in the TSW EXPO. LivePerson continues to make impressive strides in digital engagement, and we were pleased to honor them during the TechBEST Awards program this fall.”

Here I am presenting: Digital Adoption: Transforming Your Customer Engagement

Our mission at LivePerson is to create meaningful connections, so it is wonderful to be recognized by our peers for doing just that - our ability to connect with fellow attendees and provide them with an excellent experience at our booth and presentations.

While at TSIA, our team set out to demonstrate thought leadership around the philosophy of digital adoption and transforming customer engagement. We believe that consumers today want to be engaged digitally, on their device of choice, anytime and anywhere. There is an enormous opportunity for businesses to better connect with their customers in the digital channel-- generating higher customer satisfaction at lower cost. At TSIA, we wanted to cultivate dialogue around how to engage and keep customers in the digital channel, and why this strategy is imperative for all businesses today. Clearly, as evidenced by our fellow attendees voting us Best in Show, these are concepts that resonate with our audience not just on a professional or technical level, but also on a personal level. (Stay tuned for an upcoming webinar on Digital Adoption)

We want to thank all of the many people the LivePerson team had an opportunity to connect with during TSIA. We appreciate the votes that lead to this award and look forward to keeping the conversation going.

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