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Paul Brook
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Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 14:47

At LivePerson’s core, our mission is to create meaningful connections. We’re in the business of digital engagement: enabling intelligent, personalized experiences that help organizations build relationships with prospects and customers. So, it’s no surprise that connecting with our own customers in a meaningful way is top priority here at LivePerson.

When I joined LivePerson, my objective was clear: provide the best possible customer experience in the SaaS industry. How are we working toward that goal? It starts with an understanding of our customers’ goals and business objectives. From there we help our customer build a plan to execute and achieve those goals.

Built on a Strong Foundation

Did you know that the top reason for customer churn isn’t price? It’s poor quality of customer service, according to Accenture.

After an Enterprise customer is up and running, it’s all about realizing the value of the solution. That’s where the customer success organization comes in. We’re committed to serving the right resources to the right customer at the right time. LivePerson’s Customer Success program leverages industry-leading digital engagement experts who can help customers successfully deploy and manage LivePerson products and services.

Listen to what just a few of our valued customers have to say about their experience with our customer success team:

Looking ahead, our Customer Success team is focused on our 4 Pillars of Excellence, which shows our customers just what they can expect when working with LivePerson.

1.  Dedicated Account Management

Seen as a collaborative partnership, we get to know your business on a more intimate level; learn the ins and outs of daily operations and customer communications; then focus on building a digital engagement solution that helps achieve specific business needs.

There’s a dedicated team behind each and every LivePerson customer account, and they’re all working to deliver real value. Based on your chosen level of support, you’ll have the following dedicated account teams:

  • Customer Value Manager: They’re the quarterback in terms of customer success, ensuring that we’re aligned and executing on goals. He or she develops a deep understanding of our customer’s business objectives, cost savings opportunities, and more, and is tasked with building customer success plans.
  • Technical Account Manager: An interface between service teams, who provides clarity and visibility into all open issues.
  • Implementation Manager: Orchestrates resources, is responsible for successful implementation, and ensures frequent and relevant performance updates.
  • Deployment Engineer: Works closely with implementation manager, but in the depths of configurations to make sure mechanics are lined up to work for specific implementations.
  • Operations Excellence Manager: Provides insight and visibility into the contact center, including recommendations and industry best practices around agent optimization as well as best-in-class customer experience. 
  • Enterprise Service Director: Dedicated to helping LivePerson align strategic customers to the right resources and best direction, including quarterly business reviews, trips to Israel to see actual product, etc.

2.  Results-Driven Customer Value

I’ve mentioned that our Customer Success teams aim to provide results-driven value. So, what does that look like for the LivePerson customer?

Our account teams will work with customers to establish key performance indicators (KPIs), and create optimized programs to meet and exceed these goals. We transparently and regularly show results in a scorecard, now available to all customers as part of the Customer Success Offering.

Scorecards are regular cadence of reports, health checks, analysis and recommendations, which keep customers well informed, with strategic insights and trend analysis. In each scorecard, customers have access to a granular view on activities, whether KPIs are met, and recommendations around how to meet KPIs. Regular scorecards, interpreted by your dedicated account team, transform standard analytics into actionable insights that move the needle closer toward achieved business goals.

3.  Strategic Consulting, Backed with Global Resources

Backed by our Global Professional Services team, customers have access to a wealth of experience and insight into a strategic, digital engagement infrastructure.

With more than 8,500 companies using LivePerson’s digital engagement solutions, and more than billions of website visits per month analyzed, LivePerson is equipped to provide domain expertise across multiple industries. Our global team helps leverage insights gleaned from our work with each customer in the Customer Success Offerings.

4.  Continual & Seamless Growth

Our team is continually tracking results, and identifying opportunities for customers to improve customer engagement with optimized services or additional solutions. We’re committed to successfully launching our customer’s initial digital engagement infrastructure, and making any and all subsequent rollouts seamless.

Expansion Packs included with select levels of LivePerson’s Customer Success Offerings enable optimally timed expansions without executing a new contract.

Overall, LivePerson’s Customer Success program is known for and committed to continuing to help businesses maximize the value of their LivePerson digital engagement infrastructure. Listen in for details as I discuss details behind the LivePerson Customer Success program with our very own Patrick Spencer in the following two-part podcast.

At the end of the day, I’m inspired daily by a team that truly connects with each other, with our community, and with our customers. It’s in partnering with our customers to successfully implement LivePerson’s solutions that we’re able to help customers achieve business goals—and connect personally with their own customers.

Do you have a customer success story, or want to share your experience? We’ll be in touch in the comments below, or reach out to me directly.

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