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Erin Kang
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012 - 17:59

Here's a shocking statistic to consider: one in three young people will experience abuse in their dating relationships. Two thirds of these young victims will never report their abuse. To address this silent epidemic, the National Dating Helpline and Break the Cycle have teamed up to form LoveisRespect.org—  a resource for young people to access information and get live help in an environment that is designed specifically for them using a technology already widely adopted in this generation.

Loveisrespect.org decided to implement an innovative solution to connect with their constituents and provide guidance, counseling and potentially life-saving support to teens when they needed help, wherever they may be. Specifically, they launched an SMS help-line, so that teens could securely seek help immediately using a communication channel with which they are already very familiar.

Loveisrespect.org turned to LivePerson to provide a reliable platform for their trained staff to engage in secure and private chats with teens 24/7. Before launching the SMS help-line, the organization had already been working with LivePerson to provide live chat assistance on their website. LivePerson’s platform enabled counselors to receive both live chats and text messages in the same console, and send back advice securely and in real-time. The text feature is vital since the people who need help the most may not have access to a computer during critical moments.

The numbers speak volumes. Since the launch of text to chat service, Loveisrespect has seen a nearly 70% increase in contacts reaching out for help in the first quarter compared to the same period last year. Loveisrespect.org is averaging over a thousand interactions per month through text messaging. In January alone, the number of SMS-based interactions exceeded 2,500. In a current evaluation of their digital services (which includes text messaging) by users, almost 80% of those users have reported that the services resulted in an increase in their knowledge of dating violence and that they were satisfied with the overall service provided.

“In today’s environment, technology is at the epicenter of how teens and young adults communicate.  We’re thrilled to provide an innovative text help-line to empower teens and young adults to seek secure help immediately, no matter where they are,” said Brian Pinero, Acting Director of the National Dating Abuse Helpline. 

Mr. Pinero was also one of our speakers at Aspire this year. Watch his very moving presentation below about how this new feature has changed the way they can help those in need.

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