A New Perspective on Customer Experience: How to Use Data To Understand Customers

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Valerie-Ann Leary
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Thursday, August 14, 2014 - 14:16

Is data your “best friend” and “loyal companion?” In a recent assessment* of marketing, sales and customer service pros, about 21% said yes.

Yet, while some are strategically using data to personalize the customer experience online, others are stuck in what we call, a data debacle. More than half of survey respondents are only collecting basic data (such as full names and email addresses).

* A total of 226 executives participated in LivePerson’s survey to snap their digital engagement selfies

What’s the holdup, and what opportunities are data-illiterate companies missing out on?

The Data Debacle: Tie Customer Data to Relevant Experiences

In the age of information overload, it’s safe to say that most of us feel like we’re at the mercy of endless data; it’s a sea of potential most feel like we’re not yet tapping into.

Do you have a handle on the data that matters most to your job function? Whether you’re charged with bringing in new visitors to the site, engaging first-time visitors, closing first-time deals, or fostering relationships with loyal visitors, the first step toward focusing on the right data is focusing your efforts.

Start with checking out what type of customer data is collected across marketing, sales or service. Then work across teams to connect goals to specific data points, and work from there to improve.

Tip: The more data you have about your customers, the more relevant you can make their experiences. Collect information from different sources (email, phone, social, etc.), and combine these insights to create detailed customer segments!

How To Use Data to Build Better Relationships

There are endless ways insightful data can build better customer relationships. On the individual level, shared customer data across marketing, sales and service teams creates a more meaningful, personalized experience.

From a best practices standpoint, businesses that are able to test, evaluate and optimize digital engagements see better overall processes and results. Think about it: if one persona engages differently with digital than another, and you’re able to identify and implement that trend across digital engagement platforms, you’ve successfully used data to better engage a target persona.

Spotlight: Extra Space Storage

The self-storage industry has become a little more complex, as digital enables remote customers to reserve space online without ever visiting the physical location. In turn, the digital customer experience is critical to business growth.

Extra Space Storage worked with LivePerson to test a variety of ways to better engage current and prospective customers, and boost overall conversion rates. In becoming “best friends” with the data, the company has seen some powerful results:

  • 40% conversion rates driven from proactive live chat vs. static;
  • 95% boost in chats with qualified high-value visitors; and
  • 153% increase in total sales.


“With our diverse customer base, we want to deliver an experience that is unique to the individual. The ability to provide a variety of live chat experiences, depending on the customer, was very important to our larger mission.”

- Melissa Burdon, director of marketing optimization for Extra Space Storage


Read more about how Extra Space Storage personalizes its approach to digital engagement, and how you can apply similar strategies to your own digital engagement strategy.


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