A New Perspective on Customer Experience: Snap Your Digital Selfie [Webinar and Ebook]

Digital Selfie Series
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Valerie-Ann Leary
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014 - 11:11

They’re in your Facebook feed, your Instagram and Twitter streams—and let’s be honest—you’ve probably snapped a few yourself. The “selfie” is a well-established term (and official, thanks to Oxford Dictionary) in today’s social sphere.

Arguably, one of the best things about a selfie: if you don’t like it, you can take it again from a different angle.

This got me thinking: what if your business took a digital selfie? What would it look like, and how would it compare to other selfies? 

LivePerson decided to find out. We partnered with Retail Touchpoints to create an assessment for marketing, sales and customer service pros that reflects on current digital strategies. A total of 226 executives participated in the eight-question evaluation to snap their “digital engagement selfies.”

After analyzing the results, the LivePerson team was able to pinpoint trends and create a cast of selfies to categorize business performance. The key? Businesses must be able to recognize where they’re currently at, then find ways to advance and progress the digital customer experience.

LivePerson’s Cast of Digital Selfies, For Businesses


The Big Picture:  Some brands are on a smooth path to digital transformation; others are struggling to execute the omnichannel brand experience. (It’s not too late to snap your own business selife. Take LivePerson’s quiz to see where you stand.)

All businesses were evaluated based on the following factors:

  • Progression toward becoming an omnichannel business;
  • Customer service response times and types;
  • Ability to identify ready-to-buy, or high-impact customers; and
  • Adoption of digital targeting strategies that drive engagement and conversions.


Here’s what we found:

Retake: The Path To Digital Innovator

According to a recent study from Brian Solis at Altimeter Group, nearly 90% of businesses are in the midst of digital transformation.

It’s not surprising then that most businesses surveyed ranked in the middle of the pack as  trend-watchers (35%) or cross-channel champions (41%). Trend-watchers are aware that change is immediate, but are hesitant to transform. The next group, cross-channel champions, grasp the importance of the omnichannel customer experience, but aren’t fully capable of executing meaningful, real-time engagements.

Below are three tips to advance your marketing, sales and customer service strategies to improve your selfie.

  1. Make better use of data. Get to know your customers through data. Track behavioral data that will provide insight into customer wants and needs. Take inventory of top keywords used, most popular product pages, and areas on your site that customers seem to stall or abandon. With intelligence on your side, you can create a personalized journey driven by the customer.
  1. De-silo your organizational processes. Siloed organizations don't create consistent, omnichannel experiences. Eliminate barriers between marketing, sales and customer service, and encourage data-share across the organization. A digital transformation isn’t about the individual; a true digital transformation is a team effort. According to The Wall Street Journal, “This is perhaps the most challenging aspect of a company’s digital transformation, because its impact is felt by the whole company.”
  1. Engage with real-time responses. Customer expectations are higher than ever. In fact, in a recent study, LivePerson found that today’s website visitor won’t wait any longer than 76 seconds for customer support. Consider customer engagement through chat, on your website and on social channels, and deliver immediate customer support.

Interested in learning more on how businesses are keeping pace with digital innovators? Join us on August 13th at 1pm ET for an engaging webinar: Digital Engagement Through A New Lens: How To Keep Pace With Connected Customers featuring Lindsay Green, SVP of Extraco Bank.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • The current state of omnichannel engagement;
  • Real-time customer engagement strategies and best practices;
  • How to use data to understand customer wants and needs; and
  • Ways to engage high-impact or ready-to-buy customers.


Download LivePerson’s ebook, Digital Engagement Selfies: A New Perspective on Customer Experience, for a closer look at the the big picture  (plus tips to ramp up your digital engagement strategies).


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