Customer Success: How Fairhaven Health Delivers Better Customer Service with LiveEngage

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Rita Romero
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Friday, May 13, 2016 - 10:21

Fairhaven Health’s had a big year in customer service. With the help of LiveEngage, it’s increased its messaging capabilities both online and via mobile — not to mention it brought home the gold at the Stevie Awards. Here’s how Fairhaven Health gets it right every time.

Starting with a holistic vision.

Fairhaven Health set out to help customers reach their health and wellness goals through knowledgeable and supportive customer service — all online, at their convenience. Because family planning can be sensitive and emotional, the company needed a way to discretely and personally answer questions, address concerns, and offer product recommendations.

Enter, LivePerson. The company leaned on LiveEngage to help create these meaningful connections. Fairhaven started with chat in 2014 and upgraded to the new LiveEngage as well as launched mobile last year. And this year Fairhaven received a Gold Stevie Award for the best use of technology in customer service.

“We understand that connection is critical to our customers, and LivePerson gives us another medium to engage and interact without requiring the customer leave their current channel.” — Tally Rabatin-Tipton, manager of customer service

Developing the LivePerson antidote.

Fairhaven Health uses LiveEngage to connect with customers on a medium that’s convenient and secure. LiveEngage enables a genuine, personal experience without having to leave their current channel. The bottom-line result: a 40% increase in chats since 2014 and 35% of total chats via mobile since it deployed mobile abilities in 2015. With LiveEngage, abandoned carts have gone down, cross-sell opportunities have risen, and Fairhaven is receiving higher CSAT marks. After upgrading to the new platform, total engagements have tripled.

Connecting when it really counts.

LivePerson’s mission is to create meaningful connections — a perfect match for Fairhaven, which often enters into emotionally charged conversations. LivePerson’s platform, LiveEngage, lets Fairhaven make these important connections with customers. They can browse alongside the consumer and answer questions discretely and directly. LiveEngage also boasts enterprise-grade security and scale.

“Being online doesn’t mean you can’t also be human — and LiveEngage helps us bring that human touch to our digital space.”

How Fairhaven did it.

In 2015, Fairhaven Health upgraded to the latest platform. Chat is available to customers 24/7 on mobile and web browsers. And mobile has made it even easier for customers to reach a live person at their convenience, with 35% of all chats coming from that platform. Fairhaven CCPs leverage LiveEngage’s campaign features to guide customer journeys. This lets them proactively support each user’s individual experience with relative content that drive education — not just products. They want to make sure Fairhaven customers feel as supported as they do offline and in person.

“With the use of live messaging, we’re more available to customers at their convenience and able to respond to and resolve inquiries or concerns more efficiently.”

Going for gold.

Fairhaven Health’s commitment to customer service has not gone unnoticed by the greater community. Recently, the company was honored at the 10th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service with a Gold Stevie® Award for the “Best Use of Technology in Customer Service.”

About Fairhaven Health.

Fairhaven Health develops products that safely and naturally promote fertility, pregnancy wellness, and breastfeeding success. From preconception through pregnancy and nursing, Fairhaven is there every step of the way to help customers on their journey toward parenthood.

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