Owner 2 Owner: An Opportunity to Connect and Grow

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Hollie Ellison
Senior Marketing Manager, Events
Monday, February 22, 2016 - 12:31

All of our employees are empowered to be an owner. It’s one of our two core values steering our mission.

We’re in the throes of our annual performance reviews — or, in LivePerson speak, our Achieve program — for employees to look back over all they’ve accomplished and gear up for 2016 by setting their annual goals. It’s a great opportunity for employees to connect with their managers and establish expectations for a meaningful new year.

Aside from these manager-employee conversations, we at LivePerson encourage everyone to seek feedback from their peers as well. We call this practice Owner 2 Owner. Owner 2 Owner isn’t formally regulated by the company because we hope employees will take it upon themselves to seek opportunities for growth, connect more with their peers, and better understand how they can work together more productively. LivePersons everywhere have adopted it to get feedback from coworkers with whom they’ve collaborated on projects in the past or work with on a daily basis.

Real feedback from real working relationships.

This nonjudgmental, low-pressure feedback helps employees evaluate their strengths, areas of development, and what they can approve upon. And it’s even more meaningful coming from a peer as opposed to their bosses. Managers aren’t always down in the trenches getting their hands dirty with the day-to-day work their teams do. Hey — it’s not their fault! But they’ve hired competent people to get the job done. Often, the peers you work alongside with have greater insights into your daily operations. Peer recognition can shed light onto this for managers as well as elevate a behind-the-scenes employee. Plus, feedback from colleagues not only helps your grow professionally, but it helps strengthen the bond between two individuals as well.

We’re proud our Owner 2 Owner practices embodies our unique culture. Employees who participate have the opportunity to develop personally and professionally and help a colleague grow in a big way, too.

Check out the video our Israel team put together to celebrate the Owner 2 Owner process featuring Koko, our LivePerson mascot! 

What practices do you have in place to elevate employees and help them succeed? Please share your strategies in the comment section below!

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