The Scoop on Pay for Performance Managed Services [PODCAST]

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Mike Murphy
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014 - 13:55

Most agree the cost per interaction with live chat is lower than with any other human-assisted channel. One major reason for the cost efficiency is that agents typically handle concurrent chats, whereas agents are able to assist only one customer at a time when providing phone and email support. But getting the optimal value out of that investment requires the right technology platform combined with the right operational processes and expertise.

Three areas typically present the greatest challenges:

  • Cost: the inability to achieve desired outcome within existing budget constraints.
  • Quality of interactions: the challenge of recruitment and training of chat agents to facilitate multiple concurrent customer conversations that meet internal expectations of quality.
  • Scale: the ability to scale a chat program in a managed way, while controlling both quality and cost.

Additional complexity comes from the fact that live chat operations have unique differences compared to phone operations, change in customers’ expectations of digital engagement is swift and ongoing, and managing multiple technology investments becomes increasingly challenging.

Eliminate Risk, Ensure Results

LivePerson understands the importance to our clients of keeping focus on growing the business rather than on granular operational details. Pay for Performance managed services from LivePerson can help a sales or service organization maintain that focus by transferring the burden of running a live chat operation to the LivePerson Managed Services team. Our years of experience managing some of the largest and most successful digital engagement programs provide us with a breadth and depth of expertise that is unrivaled.

Our live chat operations managers have developed best practices based on the experience of thousands of LivePerson clients, including some of the biggest organizations in the world. Clients that opt to use our Pay for Performance managed services find that we are able to help them optimize, at an accelerated rate, every aspect of their chat infrastructure—from technology to processes to agent training.

And here’s the best part of Pay for Performance offering for our clients: these managed services are void of risk. When we enter into a Pay for Performance managed service agreement with a client, we become an operational partner, not a technology vendor. Your spend isn’t for a technology solution, your pricing is based off of us achieving a business result agreed to in the contract. If we fail to achieve that result, you don’t pay! Talk about enabling risk-averse behavior. 

The Scoop on Pay for Performance Managed Services

Pay for Performance managed services are typically reserved for organizations with websites that can support at least 15 chat agents dedicated to the program and are available to new or existing LivePerson clients. E-commerce sales, marketing, and service leaders, each with different business requirements, are great fits for this service.

I recently sat down with LivePerson’s editor in chief and spoke in greater detail about our Pay for Performance managed services.   A detailed overview of our Pay for Performance services’ offering is also available as a Solutions Brief.

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