Rich-Media Engagement: Bringing Beauty Consultants to your Home

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Erin Kang
LivePerson Contributor
Thursday, May 9, 2013 - 13:15

Since the very first online transaction in August of 1994, e-Commerce has forever changed the way we shop -- making it easier, faster and more hassle-free to get what we want, when we want it. However, there are always certain things that we can only do in-store-- finding the right makeup color for your skintone, for example. But that’s all changing. With advancements in engagement technology, even the in-store experience is now accessible, right at our fingertips.

Multi-media engagement solutions like real-time video chat or photo share allows brands to provide a rich and personalized experience for their customers online. Rather than having to guess which product might be the right fit for you, a consultant can help you make the right decision with the benefit of real-time video, from the comfort of your home.  Imagine all of the instances where you would usually need to go to a department store-- to determine the right color of hair dye or stretch of a fabric, for example. With video chat, you can now do all of this from home, and virtually anywhere.

We’re personally inspired by how leading beauty brand, Prescriptives, is leveraging engagement tools to create this innovative experience for their beauty customers.  Take a look at how they’re replicating the in-store experience in this segment from Washington, D.C.’s, Fox5 News:

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